Rather than typing out the rules for the Financial Uproar stock picking competition a million times over the next X number of years until I get bored of this and go live in a cave, I figured I’d just put them all in one place.

Here’s a link to previous contests in case you’re into such things.

If you’ve entered before this will all just be a reminder, but here are the rules for the rest of the unwashed masses.

1. Each participant picks four stocks that trade on the TSX, TSX Venture, NYSE, NASDAQ, or OTC stock exchanges. ETFs are fine, but no screwy weird exchange traded notes. (This is the Don’t Quit Your Day Job rule). I’ll use the Canadian ticker automatically for any inter-listed stocks.

2. Total return is counted, including dividends. To make it simple, each pick is assigned a one quarter weighting. Total return is an average of the four top picks.

3. Currency fluctuations do not count.

4. If a stock is taken over during the year, you’re locked into that return.

5. Deadline for entering is December 30th at midnight. Whichever time zone you’re in.

How do I enter?

You can either:

a) comment on this here blog post with your picks

b) send me a message on the Twitter

c) email me (financialuproar at gmail dot com).

(I will also be sending an email to everyone who participated last year, which you can reply to)

And that’s about it, kids. Good luck, cause you’re gonna need it against my STOCK PICKING GODLINESS.

Tell everyone, yo!