So y’all like financial voyeurism, huh? YOU SICK FREAKS STOP LOOKING IN MY WINDOW.

Today’s post will be quick, since instead of writing it yesterday like a good blogger I went to the grand metropolis of Great Falls, Montana over the weekend. Because hey, the only thing more boring than rural Alberta is rural Montana. Seriously, that is the most boring drive in history. Great Falls was nice though. There’s a nice road that winds along the Missouri with an assload of parks alongside.

Yeah, that’s right. An assload of parks. Eat your heart out, Hemmingway.

Anyhoo, let’s do this thing. Here are the six stocks I own in my TFSA.

Nelson’s TFSA holdings


Position Percentage
Dream Office REIT 31.0%
Cloud Peak Energy 12.8%
Russia ETF 13.4%
TransAlta 13.7%
Aimia 19.6%
Cash 9.5%

And that’s it. It’s a pretty simple TFSA. Now allow me to answer some of your questions before you ask them.

Why so much cash? I thought you liked to stay pretty fully invested.

Well, like I mentioned last week, I think the market is pretty frothy and we’re headed for a correction. So I’m keeping a little dry powder on hand in case something falls to the point where I find it enticing.

Which stock has done the best? The worst?

My big loser is TransAlta, which is down about 15%. Aimia is a relatively recent purchase, so it’s only up marginally.

The big winner is Cloud Peak Energy, which is a coal miner. Yes, not only am I making money on coal, I’m up a cool 21%. The Russian ETF (which is RSX, by the way) is another decent winner. Both have grown from smaller positions to decent sized ones because they’ve gone up.

Do you plan to sell anything soon?

Nope. These are all compelling opportunities I intend to hold for a while.

Why such a concentrated portfolio?

I view my TFSA, RRSP, and margin accounts as one big portfolio which should have between 10 and 20 positions. I’m at somewhere between 14 and 17 today. So because the TFSA is part of a larger portfolio, it only has a handful of companies in it.

I’ll also repeat myself in different accounts. If I want a position to be 5% of my assets, I’ll split it 60/40 between a TFSA and RRSP, as an example. It really depends on where the cash is.

I just looked and I have a similar amount of cash in both my RRSP and margin accounts. So you can say I’m about 90% invested. Keep in mind I’m more interested in paying down my mortgage these days, so I’m not actively adding to any of my accounts.

How come you’re not showing us the amount of cash invested in each position?

Nice try, bucko.

You seem to like preferred shares quite a bit. How come I don’t see any?

Those are mostly in a taxable account so I can collect that sweet dividend tax credit. Oh baby.

I then reinvest the dividends into more preferred shares, creating my own perpetual income machine. The only problem is these days yields aren’t as exciting as they used to be.

Dream Office REIT does drip some nice dividends into my account which are just adding to the cash pile at this point.

Any other questions?

Tell everyone, yo!