Sorry kids, I’ve retired the Sunday Morning Link Dump. May it forever rest in scantily clad peace.

Instead, allow me to do something that’s going to be a lot easier–at least for me. I’ll continue to feature stuff I think you guys will like, from a number of finance blogs, traditional media sources, and maybe even my tweets. We’ll start out with a little something that’s on my mind, just like before. We’ll just skip all that stuff in the middle.

So without further adieu, let’s get to it. Here are the things I liked this week.

1. Toronto Life Magazine, which regularly profiles terrible real estate deals like the one I made fun of on Thursday, isn’t just all about the housing bubble. They also did a profile on Kevin O’Leary I thought was pretty good, even if the writer clearly went into the article despising the guy.

2. Over at Money Nomad, a guest contributor told the story about buying 98 acres of land for just $14,000 in Georgia. No, not that Georgia. The country.

3. Vanessa pointed out how being a solopreneur sucks more than the unnamed person who once gave me a chunk of concrete from his basement as a “gift.” I 100% swear it happened and he was serious about it.

4. Over at the Vox Youtube channel, there’s a detailed explanation of why you shouldn’t drive slowly in the left lane. Please forward to all of your fathers who do 111 km/hr and get mad when everyone passes them.

5. The Financial Canadian points out that there’s a pretty simple path to becoming a millionaire. You start young, save a bunch, and you’ll get there. It’s simple advice maybe, but it’s still an important reminder.

6. Liquid Independence made an investment in a not yet publicly traded online music player. I’m not exactly sure what it has going for it over all the other alternatives, but hey. It’s still a pretty interesting story.

7. Moneygeek, a blog I continue to think is criminally underfollowed, talked about what it was like to work for a hedge fund. Did his boss used to throw phones at him like Jim Cramer used to do when he ran his hedge fund? Click through to find out.

8. Boomer and Echo argues the rule of thumb saying a retiree will need 70% of their final pay is likely way too high, with some people only needing 35-40%. I think he’s onto something.

9. Nick Denton, the owner of the recently shut down Gawker, did a bunch of questionable things to avoid taxes, like a lot of other rich guys. The fun part is how Gawker writers used to get upset about other companies doing the same thing. Ah, hypocrisy.

10. If you’re on Reddit and you’re not following r/PFJerk, you’re doing Reddit wrong. If you’ve ever thought us PF folk go a little nuts sometimes, you’ll think it’s hilarious.

The best of Nelson

I write stuff for other websites too. Here’s a few samples.

1. I wrote about the latest goings on at Home Capital Group, which is always good for a chuckle. Never change guys.

2. I talked about some mutual funds that are well worth their fees over at Sustainable Personal Finance.

3. And over at the Lowest Rates blog, I gave some tips on how to make the most out of your credit card rewards.

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Have a good week, everyone.

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