What is it about long weekends that make people drive like absolute morons? I was driving yesterday right outside a small town where the speed limit dropped from 100km/h down to 50kph. Like a sane person who doesn’t want to get a ticket, I started to slow down right before, dropping my speed down to about 70km/h right before the sign and then down to about 55km/h when I hit it.

That wasn’t fast enough for the guy in a minivan (along with his wife and at least two kids). He came right up behind me and followed way too closely. So I did what any asshole would do in that situation–I slowed down to 30kph just to infuriate him.

The whole situation ended 30 seconds later when he passed me on a double line still inside town limits. We then caught up to him not five minutes later, behind a big truck only doing 90km/h. Did I laugh? You know it.

Nothing irks me more than following too close. Give yourself some space to react. Don’t worry, you’ll still make it to your destination in a reasonable amount of time.

Link time

These are the links I liked this week.

1. Here’s an article on Seeking Alpha that outlines how you can retire in just five years with only $330,000 of savings. The article itself is pedestrian at best–it basically just says invest in risky high-dividend stocks–but the comments about the concept of financial independence are much more interesting.

2. Over at Afford Anything, Paula tracked her week in 15 minute increments. And then she promptly wept about how much time she wasted. Y’know, people spend a lot of time talking about how they value productivity, yet focus very little on the outcome and more on the process. As in, maybe to-do lists are the ticket, and not productivity logs.

3. Over at Motley Fool, Jordan Wathen has a nice guide on what to invest in if you have a certain time horizon.

4. Over at Money Pros, Joe Wood points out buying traditional diamonds is a pretty foolish waste of money. But I like diamonds. He’s a jerk. Like diamonds all you want, but realize that if you insist on one or giving one at the time of your life when you’re likely the poorest, it can come with a crippling potential cost.

5. Garth Turner has a great basic guide about pensions. A must-read for anyone who doesn’t understand the difference between a defined contribution and a defined benefit pension.

6. Vanessa outlines how persistence saved us $455 on home and car insurance. I’m just happy somebody who isn’t me gets to finally hear about our insurance saga. Her tenaciousness continues to save us money, while I probably would have just shrugged and accepted whatever the insurance guy said.

7. Over at My Own Advisor, Mark makes the case that it’s best to own the major parts of ETFs rather than the ETFs themselves, saving management fees and potentially getting higher dividends.

8. Holy Potato reviews The One Page Financial Plan by Carl Richards. The thing I like about the saintly spud’s book reviews is he isn’t afraid to point out negatives.

9. Over at Million Dollar Journey, Frugal Trader points out you’re silly not to take advantage of free money when it’s offered to you.

10. And finally, on Reddit, how one full-time traveler lived for just over $11,000 last year without sleeping on benches in the park. I’ll expand a little more on this next week, so stay tuned for that.

Stuff Nelson wrote

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Here are a couple articles I did for different websites this week.

1. Over at Motley Fool, I talked about why Francis Chou–a favorite investor of mine–is buying Valeant Pharmaceuticals stock.

2. I wrote about what to do if you owe more on your car than it’s worth over at Lowest Rates. The correct answer is, of course, sell it to your dumb kid brother for twice its value. For some reason that didn’t make it in the article, however.

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