This is shaping up to be the greatest U.S. election in the history of ever. I don’t mean this in a good way.

On the one hand, we have Hilary. Never mind all the controversy surrounding the Clinton Foundation’s links to, uh, shady regimes around the world. We also have an email scandal that is at best so incompetent that a mere mortal would have at least gotten fired, as well as this whole health situation. This woman is more sick that my Google search history.

And then we have The Donald, the result of the world’s worst protest vote. Trump has been a terrible business man, and he’s basically a pathological liar. Now these aren’t things that would normally exclude a man from office–after all, George W. basically only made one good investment his whole life, and we all know politicians are about as honest as a used car salesman–but Trump manages to come off even dumber than the average person, never mind someone who’s supposed to be intelligent enough to run for the highest office. At least Hilary seems smart. As much as I’d like him to win for the purposes of shits and giggles, it’s hard to actually support such a clown.

This election really is a douche versus a turd sandwich. As silly as it’s been, I think we haven’t seen anything yet. The debates are going to be bananas.

Link Time

These are the articles I liked this week.

1. Let’s start things off with Liquid Independence, who wrote a so-called “rant” about how being debt free isn’t everything. While he picked a terrible example of somebody with credit card debt at 18% interest, the rest of his point is very valid. Leverage can make the wealth growing process happen a lot faster.

2. Money Nomad, which is rapidly becoming one of my new favorite blogs, talked about a crowd funding service investors can use to invest in real estate (or real estate loans).

3. If you live in Massachusetts, apparently you can sell your turd for $13,000 per year. This really gives a new meaning to my Assachusetts nickname.

4. It turns out a Chinese billionaire was hiding more than a million tones of aluminum in the desert in Mexico. This story is bananas, you gotta read it.

5. Boomer and Echo managed to piss off a lot of dividend lovers with their recent article about how dividends aren’t the greatest thing since sliced bread.

6. The Globe and Mail continues to expose the silliness surrounding Vancouver’s real estate market. The latest piece of reporting outlines the shady (and potentially fraudulent) activities of one speculator.

7. Speaking of real estate, Steveonomics thinks you’re dumb to buy a home in a super expensive real estate market. I said so about Toronto, and he says so about San Jose. And like me, he plans to buy in a low cost of living area.

8. I came across a site that allows Canadian investors to get free retirement plans. The amount of detail they go into is pretty impressive, and it’s pretty hard to beat the price.

9. Kudos to blogger Roadmap 2 Retire, who recognized perennial dividend growth favorite Realty Income is overvalued, selling his position for a nice gain.

10. Over at Million Dollar Journey, many readers have doubts about the net worth of Sean Cooper, who has become one of Canada’s most controversial personal finance bloggers without really trying. Meanwhile, I haven’t had an angry comment in weeks.

Stuff Nelson wrote

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1. Over at the Lowest Rates blog, I tell you kids everything you need to know about credit card loans. Spoiler alert: this mostly consists of “sweet Jesus, don’t bother.”

2. At Sustainable Personal Finance I talked about some investments that could potentially make you money and help you feel good about the environment. If you’re into that sort of thing.

3. And at Motley Fool, I point out there’s a really easy way to make money on the new iPhone 7. And no, it isn’t buying Apple stock.

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