So who wants to hear about my fantasy team? I’m 1-0! Anybody?


You all suck.

I briefly entertained the thought of getting TV again this week. It would have only cost us about $45 per month for the package we want (using this clever trick), which is a pretty reasonable cost for the amount of entertainment the medium provides. I could watch my beloved Blue Jays choke away an almost certain playoff spot (I’m forever an optimist!) and Vanessa could watch shows on cooking or knitting or whatever it is you ladies watch.

But we decided against it–at least for now. It wasn’t so much the money spent; rather, it was the potential for wasting time. Being without TV for much of the past couple of years has lead me to get entertained more through reading than watching. I’ve never bought the argument that all TV is trash and that books are automatically better because there are a lot of smart TV shows out there. Somebody watching a documentary is probably going to learn more than somebody reading a romance novel, for instance.

Still, on the whole, reading is a much better use of someone’s time. And by using the various sources of free books out there, I can have a hobby that makes me smarter without having to spend much of anything. And if I want to watch the big game, I can make an event out of it and go to a bar. I’m told those nachos aren’t about to eat themselves.

Link time

These are the articles I liked this week.

1. Here’s a story from 2015 which I thought was fun about a guy who made a lot of money dumpster diving. I hereby pledge to all of you I will try this for a future blog post. Will I get arrested? Probably. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE TO MY BAIL KICKSTARTER

2. Over at Our Big Fat Wallet, Dan weighs in on whether renting or buying a home will allow someone to retire early. Unsurprisingly, it turns out there’s more than one way to accomplish this goal.

3. Sacha over at Divestor is one of my favorite Canadian value investing blogs. Go read why he’s passing on a very likely 12% return. 

4. Here’s an article on Milo Yiannopolous, a professional right-wing troll. Milo is entertaining, I’ll give him that. He also likes to act like a whiny baby when a platform finally gets tired of his antics and shuts him down. He’s basically just a giant baby.

5. Holy Potato reviews The Index Card, a personal finance book that claims you can fit everything you need to know about money on an index card. As always, his book reviews are entertaining because he’s not afraid to say what he really thinks.

Uh, Nelson? 


If the author really believed you could learn everything about money from an index card, why the need for a whole book?

Quiet, you.

6. Like many other people, Jordann from My Alternate Life crunched the numbers and found out it might not make sense to pay down her mortgage as quickly as possible. If I wasn’t so stymied about stocks to buy, I’d be doing the same thing.

7. Over at Money Geek, Jin points out how depreciation can affect an oil company’s profitability without doing any damage to cash flow. It’s a must-read article for anyone looking to invest in that industry.

8. Apparently we got the idea fat was bad for us from a Harvard study in the 1960s. The money behind that study was provided by… wait for it… BIG SUGAR. Those rat bastards!

9. Chances are your credit score just went up. Head on over to Findependence Hub to find out all the sordid details. Sordid is probably the wrong word to use there, but my delete key is all the way over there…

10. And finally, over at My Pennies My Thoughts, Janine shows you how you can increase your net worth by 500%. Yes, this is guaranteed. 100%.

Stuff Nelson wrote

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1. Over at Motley Fool, I asked what happens to Canada’s REITs if the real estate bubble bursts.

2. I also wrote about why I’m not a huge fan of investing in one of Canada’s most loved stocks, Fortis.

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