It’s time for the latest update of the stock picking contest, where a dozen or so of your favorite personal finance and investing bloggers (along with Financial Uproar!) pick their four favorite stocks for the year.

When we last left the contest, blog reader Doug was giving us a whipping worse than was administered to the protagonists in Leather Bound Hotties 6, a movie I assure you guys I only watched out of intellectual curiosity. His portfolio was up more than 76%. Janine from My Pennies My Thoughts was in second place, with her four stocks increasing a mere 52.7%. Or, as I call it, THE WORST YEAR EVER.

YOUR BOY Financial Uproar was comfortably in 5th place, showing that, somehow, 5th place is the new winner. Whatever kids, it takes real skill to not win and embarrass the whole lot of ya.

Without further adieu, let’s take a closer look at the current results, as of Friday. We’ll then take a look at how well we did collectively against the index.

Contestant Result
1. Blog Reader Doug +116.2%
2. My Pennies My Thoughts +72.3%
3. My Own Advisor +24.1%
4. Blog reader Tyler +21.0%
5. Avrex Money +17.8%
6. Holy Potato +14.6%
7. Freedom 35 Blog +11.9%
8. Vanessa’s Money +8.5%
9. Financial Uproar +7.3%
10. Blog reader Jeff +0.6%
11. Blog reader Ben -4.7%
12. Don’t Quit Your Day Job -9.0%
13. Kapitalust -10.4%
14. Boomer and Echo -26.0%

Some notes

First of all, you can see everyone’s picks here. The next few sentences will make more sense if you check out the original choices.

  • Blog reader Doug had three(!) stocks that went up more than 100%–Aurora Cannabis, Painted Pony Petroleum, and Nemaska Lithium. The other, Knight Therapeutics, was up a terrible 22.8% in comparison.
  • I’ve decided to let Doug invest my portfolio from now on. I will pay him $20 per quarter for this privilege.
  • My Own Advisor, who I mock for having boring picks every time, continues to post solid results that beat most of us. Well played, Mark.
  • Don’t Quit Your Day Job sucks and I couldn’t be happier.
  • I am being beaten by my wife, which I’m sure I will hear about relentlessly over the next weeks/months. Or only once and then she’ll forget about it until next quarter.
  • Boomer and Echo continues to suck. There’s also at least a 42% chance he intentionally tanked the competition like Joe from Timeless Finance did a few years ago. I mean who intentionally picks both GoPro and FitBit? It’s like his uncool cheap friend was over when he made his picks, and just choose what that friend was wearing.
  • No, I was not over at Boomer and Echo’s house. He has a restraining order against me. 🙁
  • Kapitalust picked Chipotle, Sam Adams Beer, and Sprouts Farmers Market, showing once and for all douchey food stocks will never be the answer to any investing question. His other pick was Lululemon, which I will always approve of. Even when I see dudes wearing their sweat pants. In public.
  • When was the last time you saw somebody wearing Lulus in public? It’s been a while for me, I think.
  • The rest of y’all are so boring I have nothing left to say to you. You’re all dead to me.

How’d we do against the index?

Glad you asked. Here’s a summary of us versus the main indexes.

  • Finance bloggers: 17.5%
  • TSX Composite Index (dividends included): 15.4%
  • S&P 500 (dividends included): 7.6%

Congratulations, y’all. We have beaten the index thus far this year. Will this be enough to silence all the indexers forever? Yes. I am 100% confident of this.

Tell everyone, yo!