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Let’s talk a little about the greatest thing in the history of the world, the Swiss Chalet thanksgiving dinner. Blog genies, can we pull up a picture of that delicious piece of heaven?



Not only is there nary a vegetable in sight–which automatically makes this 13 times better than any meal featuring somebody’s terrible gelatin salad–but you get a all that for only $13 (alas, white meat is extra. THAT’S REVERSE RACISM). It’s such a terrific deal for people with previous commitments like me, the coolest guy you know.

Hell, chances are I’ll be eating this meal right now, as you’re reading this. Even if I’m not, please imagine I am. Now enjoy your jellied salad made by the mother-in-law who barely tolerates you, chump.

Link time

Here are the links I liked this week.

1. One of the most prominent names in the Canadian Fintech sector was on Dragon’s Den this week, with Ratehub daring to enter the den. Once you’re done watching the pitch, go here to find out what happened afterwards.

2. If you’re a value investor, I’d recommend reading this interview with Nate Tobik, the guy behind one of my favorite investing blogs, Oddball Stocks. In a world where everyone is a contrarian, Nate actually delivers some unique thoughts on investing.

3. Holy Potato weighed in on the new mortgage rules, which he thinks will just push more and more borrowers to private lenders. Canadian Mortgage Trends also weighed in, taking a much less optimistic view. My Own Advisor joined the party, saying the rule changes didn’t really mean anything for him.

4. Friend of the blog (as in he read and commented once, which made me squeal in glee) Ian Bezek presents a pretty compelling thesis on the future of oil, and why it’ll return to $100 per barrel sooner than you think.

5. Just in case my quarterly(ish) mortgage payoff updates aren’t enough for you, Vanessa is tracking our progress each month. Go see my wife get unreasonably upset about the price of electricity.

6. This 25-year old guy has a $282,000 net worth and has no interest in buying a house. Let’s see how your opinion changes in a decade, kid.

7. Want a low cell phone plan? Black market dealers can hook you up, and then afterwards apparently try and sell you some weed. Wait, I am being told there is, in fact, more than one black market.

8. Hardbacon thinks your’s truly has Canada’s best stock market website. SEE GRANDPA I TOLD YOU PEOPLE ACTUALLY LIKE ME STOP TELLING ME TO GET A REAL JOB GEEZ.

9. This blogger tracked every dime she spent for a whole year. I can barely keep track of the number of cars I own.

10. Kapitalust reviews Influence, a book by Robert Cialdini. It’s a long read, but worth a few minutes of your time.

Stuff Nelson wrote

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1. Let’s start things off with Nelly’s latest for Lowest Rates, where I talk about how to buy a home in the fall. 

2. Over at Motley Fool Canada, I asked why Northview Apartment REIT doesn’t get more love.

3. And again at Motley Fool, here are some DIRTY SECRETS your broker isn’t telling you. Dear Penthouse…

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Have a good turkey day, everyone.

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