It’s the most exciting moment of any tech geek’s year. I get to go shopping for a new laptop.

Some of you might remember when I purchased a MacBook Pro, probably four years ago now. I was convinced by some of you that the MacBook would be the more frugal option because it would last forever and never get viruses, no matter how much porn I watched. Y’all were more wrong than Donald Trump on anything (topical!).

I’ve already had to replace one cord, and the second is in the process of fraying into four million pieces. Both email and the internet browser regularly quit working without any explanation. Opening up programs is slower than Mike Tyson doing long division. I could deal with all that. What I can’t deal with are the o, i, and u keys randomly crapping out. When I googled such a dilemma (on a different computer, naturally), I discovered that was a relatively common Mac problem. Seriously?

What’s the point of paying twice the price for something that has known hardware problems? It’s a shame too because I’ve really come to like a lot of things about the Mac. The email software is great. And I like that when I open up a folder to attach documents to an email, it automatically opens up the newest ones first. That’s a nice touch.

Andddd I just composed an email on it, and it was perfect. Not an issue with anything. DAMMIT, GHOST OF STEVE JOBS. Fine, MacBook, you can stay for a little while. But I’ll soon punt you faster than Taylor Swift after she found out you literally did anything.

Link time

Here are the links I liked this week.

1. Want to make a hundred bucks in a couple of weeks, 100% passively? This special situation over at Seeking Alpha is for you,.

2. This piece by Chris Demuth Jr. on Medium is worth your time. In it, he outlines some of the, uh, barely legal ways he hustled to accumulate some cash as a teenager, including buying things at Circuit City and returning them for 110% of their value.

3. Here’s a cell phone that can tell what cards you’re holding during a game of poker. It needs a special deck to use, but it’s still pretty impressive.

4. Kapitalust highlights a crazy letter by an ex-Berkshire Hathaway shareholder to Warren Buffet, all because he had the AUDACITY to support Hillary. This is why you don’t mix politics and investing, kids.

5. Oddball Stocks asks when you should give up on a stock. It’s one of the most difficult questions of investing, and humans are notoriously impatient.

6. Freedom 35 Blog switched his brokerage account from TD to Interactive Brokers. His review of IB is a must-read for anyone looking to make the switch to the low-cost leader.

7. MoneyGeek talks about the rise of human managed ETFs in Canada, and the pros and cons of investing in them.

8. Ian Bezek is no fan of Realty Income, which he thinks is overvalued. Other Seeking Alpha contributor Brad Thomas is no fan of Ian. Blog fights are fun, although maybe not so much for Ian. Brad’s commenters were calling him all sorts of names.

What side am I on? I’ve been calling Realty Income overvalued for years now, so it’s pretty obvious (holds up pendant that says IAN!).

9. Saj Karsan recently bought Gamestop shares, a company that trades at 5.7 times earnings and has a dividend yield of 7%. He even made a terrible pun in his title, something I can always appreciate.

10. And finally, here’s a Charlie Rose interview with Jeff Bezos, the head of It’s worth your time.

Stuff Nelson wrote

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1. Over at the Lowest Rates blog, I ask whether automating your money is something you should do, or whether it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be.

2. At Motley Fool, I highlight a REIT that pays a 6.7% dividend with very steady tenants.

3. I also wrote about Canopy Growth Corporation, that marijuana stock your friends are probably talking about. To say I’m not bullish is probably the understatement of the year.

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