Well, kids, I guess we’ve got to talk about President Trump, huh?

(dodges tomatoes)

Allow me to come out and say it. Trump winning made my whole week and probably my whole year too. The amount of crow the average political commentator had to eat was just delightful. They all lost their mind.

I was one of the few people who “got” the idea of Donald Trump, probably because I live in rural Alberta and can at least sympathize with right-wing voters. Small town folks aren’t morons or racist or any of the other words the mainstream media used to describe them. They have legitimate beefs that have been ignored or scoffed at by people in the cities since as long as there’s been cities. Voting for Trump gave them the voice that has systematically been silenced for years now.

I don’t think a Donald Trump presidency will be so bad. Look at it this way. The guy became the world’s most infamous real estate developer by the time he hit 40. He then switched to reality television and conquered that, becoming one of the biggest stars in the genre. He married not one but THREE supermodels. Then y’all laughed at him when he decided to run for president.

The lesson? Don’t bet against Donald Trump. Just about everything he’s touched has turned to gold.

Oh, and one more thing. If your four, six, or eight-year old kid is legitimately depressed because Donald Trump won, you are a shitty parent.

Time for links

Here’s what I liked this week.

1. This is the last word on Trump, I promise. Here’s a Cracked article that explains why middle America could vote for the guy, and why those voters aren’t as dumb as y’all figure. I thought it really captured the minds of rural voters well.

2. Congrats to friend of the blog Martin from Studenomics who recently celebrated his 8th year of blogging. If you’re looking to start a blog, he’s got some good tips.

3. Okay, one more on Trump. But it’s not really about Trump, see? Holy Potato points out that trying to figure out the impact a Trump presidency will have on your investments is silly. Ignore the noise.

4. Million Dollar Journey reminds us that whole life insurance for kids is a terrible investment. Shame on any investment advisor who pushes this on unsuspecting parents.

5. The Financial Canadian profiled a new Brookfield investment over at Seeking Alpha, Brookfield Business Partners. The guys at Brookfield are quietly becoming very big players in the world of asset managers.

6. Over at Assetbuilder, Andrew Hallam points out how Americans (and Canadians, presumably) can go to college in many parts of Europe for free. 

7. Here’s how Paula from Afford Anything manages rental property renovations from thousands of miles away. She includes about a million money savings tips also.

8. Over at Roadmap 2 Retire (I bet he’s a whiz at texting, sorry txting) Mr. Roadmap points out some of the hardest things for an investor to do. He’s right, no matter how many times we see it, most of us still have trouble buying when things look terrible or selling when things look great.

9. Barel Karsan points out why he invested in Freightcar America, a ridiculously cheap manufacturer of rail cars. I took a look at this investment last week, but didn’t feel comfortable about buying some without a little more due diligence. In the meantime it’s up about 30%. Whoops.

10. And finally, here’s a lecture from a professor who calls himself the world’s leading expert on procrastination. Go ahead and watch this one later.

Stuff Nelson wrote

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1. I wrote about how to save money on your cell phone bill over at Sustainable Personal Finance. This is a good opportunity to remind y’all that the great Public Mobile deal I talked about a couple of weeks ago will soon be ending.

2. Wrote a lot about Donald Trump this week over at Motley Fool, but I also found time for some other articles. Like this one on a few restaurant stocks that pay delicious yields. Totally pun intended, by the way.

3. I also wrote about how new foreign ownership laws could be bad news for Canada’s incumbent airlines.

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