In honor of Linkfest number 16, let’s talk about the worst television show in the history of the planet. No, not Grey’s Anatomy, even though that show is worse than a heroin needle sundae. Woof. Not even all the hot woman doctors can save that thing.

I’m talking about a program that was on MTV called My Super Sweet 16, a reality show that profiled wealthy parents who would throw huge 16th birthday parties for their entitled brat children.

Each show followed a predictable formula. They’d interview the stupid kid who would always have some sort of problem with the proceedings. Their rich parents only gave them a budget of $25,000 which wouldn’t be NEARLY enough. Or the parents would get mad at something else. Or the nerdy kid from school would show up, thereby RUINING EVERYTHING.

Note: I played the nerdy kid in six different episodes. Where’s my credit, INDB?

One kid got a new Lexus for her birthday. She then screamed her mother “ruined her life” before running off and presumably beheading a poor innocent pool boy.

This show lasted for three seasons and then they made a movie. Of course they did. I found the trailer and I beg you not to watch it.

I would like the last 10 minutes of my life back. Who do I talk to about that?

Links I liked

Are any of you still left reading after that? Probably not.

1. Let’s start things off with Tawcan (aside: what’s a Tawcan?), who made a very detailed RRSP guide for millennials. Anyone over 35 is forbidden from clicking that link.

2. Freedom 35 Blog talks about one of my favorite subjects (which is chronically misunderstood or minimized by people who don’t get it), opportunity costs. No, a dollar earned today isn’t worth the same as a dollar earned two decades from now. Not even close.

3. Nice post by Ian Bezek, who clearly just made up a new last name after realizing Ian Smith wasn’t going to get him found on Google. He points out that millennials actually are starting to buy houses and move to the suburbs.

Two articles featuring millennials? Time to step up your game, Nelson.

4. Over at Boomer and Echo, Marie reviewed Market Masters, a book that interviewed 28 of Canada’s top fund managers and stock investors. I have also read that book, which checks in at 620+ meaty pages. My two sentence summary: if you’re not really into such things, don’t even bother. It drags on and he doesn’t help by summarizing 15 page interviews.

5. Most websites don’t even have one good writer. Don’t Quit Your Day Job has two of the best. While regular writer PK takes time off to get yelled at by his wife not miss a second of his new child’s life, Cameron Daniels has stepped in with some really interesting stuff. His latest is how we’re way too confident in making decisions.

6. Money Geek wonders why stocks didn’t crash after Trump got elected, even though all signs pointed towards such a thing happening. I know why. It’s because TRUMP IS THE GREATEST PRESIDENT IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES AND HE HASN’T EVEN DONE ANYTHING YET GOD I LOVE HIM BUT NOT IN A SEXUAL WAY THAT’S GROSE GEEZ.

7. I was buying Hudson’s Bay Company shares this week. My fellow writer Will Ashworth agrees with me, saying he thinks HBC is the best deep-value play on the TSX.

8. The Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog is always a fun read. This year’s edition came with extra Tartan, whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

9. Here’s an article on the Medallion Fund, one of the most successful–and secretive–hedge funds of all time.

10. And finally, from 1994, here’s a New Yorker profile on Bill Gates. The reporter’s skepticism of email alone is worth the click.

Stuff Nelson wrote

As a reminder, you can hire me to write for your blog, newspaper, or poorly-Xeroxed newsletter. Hit the ol’ contact me page to get the ball rolling. 

Not much going on in the Nelson writing for others this week, so allow me to present a couple of Motley Fool articles and let you get back to football.

1, I wrote about Aimia’s preferred shares, which yield 10.4% and have great dividend coverage. I own a bunch of them.

2. I also talked about protests hitting the pipeline business, and how that impacts certain operators over others.

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Have a good week, everybody.

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