By the time y’all are reading this, I’ll be in a tiny sky tube on my way to a much-deserved (lol just kidding) winter holiday. Where are we going? You’ll have to follow me on the Twitter to find out. Or not. See if I care.


We come back to Canada on Christmas morning, which might be the best idea I’ve had in the history of ever. Here’s how Christmas goes for a full 98% of the population:

8:00-10:00: Open presents
10:01-4:00: Make terrible conversation
4:01: Oh thank Christ it’s time for dinner
4:30: It’s now acceptable to get drunk

It’s fun being a kid on Christmas morning. You’ve got all this new crap to play with and likely some cousins over to play it with. For adults? It’s the most awkward time of the year. There’s only so much conversation you can make with your brother-in-law before you want to punt him in the gonads. God, why did your sister have to marry such a tool?

This is the whole reason why the NBA decided to put games on Christmas. There’s football on this year too. That’s enough sports to keep the whole family happy. Let the women cook dinner while you watch sports. At least both you and your stupid sister’s husband can agree that nobody likes Eli Manning. He might even give a crap about your fantasy team!

Just kidding. Nobody gives a crap about your fantasy team. Not even the guys in your league.

Links I liked

1. Let’s start things off with Young and Thrifty, who every now and again will hit a real home run. Their latest post on how to get free magazines is one of the better things written lately.

2. Base Hit Investor asks what your edge is as an investor. And no, the answer isn’t always you know more than the other guy. In fact, that’s rarely the answer.

3. Like charts? Of course you do, nerd. Here are 75 different charts from Maclean’s Magazine covering everything from the economy to venture capital investment on a per capita basis. Go geek out, fellow chart nerds. Nobody will judge you.

4. B.C. announced it would lend home buyers up to $37,000 for a down payment on overpriced Vancouver real estate. For real. No, I’m not lying. I swear it’s true. Tawcan weighs in to tell everyone just how dumb the program is.

5. Parks Canada is giving away free national park passes for 2017. Every 100th pass comes with the right to litter as much as you want. It’s okay, the grizzly bears will just clean it up. Those morons will eat anything.

6. Canadian Mortgage Trends talks about how the mortgage industry is about to be changed via technology. It’s not just mortgages either; these kinds of changes will rock many different industries.

7. Many bloggers post monthly account updates. Money Geek is one of the few that makes sure readers get educated at the same time. Here’s his latest TFSA update which is dripping with wisdom about the oil market.

8. I like Paul from Asset Based Life’s grandma, who insisted on no Christmas presents you couldn’t eat, drink, or rub on your body. GASP GRANDMA YOU DIRTY HORNDOG YOU.

9. The I Will Teach You To Be Rich blog has a great post on how to decline an invitation somewhere without pissing off the person who invited you. Great advice.

10. And finally, here’s Andrew Hallam telling y’all how dumb it is to sell your stocks just because the market has hit a new all-time high. I’ll have some more thoughts on that with tomorrow’s post.

Stuff Nelson wrote

As a reminder, you can hire me to write for your blog, newspaper, or poorly-Xeroxed newsletter. Hit the ol’ contact me page to get the ball rolling. 

It appears as though one of Nelson’s regular writing customers doesn’t need his services anymore. I’ve finally been ghosted. I feel your pain, overly clingy girls who come on way too strong.

Here’s some other stuff I wrote, anyway.

1. I wrote about the Toronto real estate bubble for Motley Fool. Will 2017 be the year it bursts? Maybe!

2. I also wrote about a smallish REIT that might be Canada’s cheapest company.

3. And over at Sustainable Personal Finance, I talked about how it’s okay to borrow money from family. Hell, I’m even okay with you lending it out, provided it’s a business transaction. As in, charge them interest yo.

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