Ugh. That’s enough of that. Have you ever noticed when you take the time to read song lyrics they always sound incredibly dumb? They’re like the world’s worst poetry. And that’s coming from a guy who thinks just about every kind of poetry is the world’s worst poetry.

Let’s take the rest of this intro to talk about my new favorite Netflix show, Brickleberry. This animated show follows a bunch of park rangers as they get into the most inappropriate adventures ever. It aired on Comedy Central for three seasons before somebody without a sense of humor pulled it. Surprisingly, there are plenty of these people at Comedy Central.

Think of it like South Park without the underlying big picture commentary. South Park often makes fun of the issues of the day. Brickleberry doesn’t. All they’re concerned with are jokes. Terrible, terrible jokes. The most common criticism is that the writers cross over the line too often, so keep that in mind if you’re offended by such things. If anything needs a trigger warning, it’s probably this show.

If you’re not hooked by the stripper episode, I’ll personally mail each and every one of you $50. Guaranteed or my name isn’t Heywood Jablowme.

Links I liked

1. Let’s start things off with this CBC Life article featuring YOUR BOY Nelly and a number of other less attractive personal finance bloggers. I pointed out how people in general have too much money in cash and need to start putting it to work.

2. Here’s an article from Budgets Are Sexy titled My Top 7 Disagreements With Personal Finance Experts, which is quite good. I’m a big fan of anything that disrupts the status quo.

The more interesting part of that article is the comment section. At least 90% of the comments are from other bloggers. I don’t have much in commentary, I just thought it was interesting.

3. Oddball Stocks shares a number of personal anecdotes that he thinks all point to one conclusion. The conclusion seems a little alarmist, but one thing is for sure. The time to buy is when nobody wants an asset. There are very few assets like that today.

4. Afford Anything thinks y’all should stop trying so hard to set and accomplish goals. Instead, focus on the process. I wrote about that myself a few weeks ago.

5. Here’s an article by Go Curry Cracker! (the exclamation point is silent), who has a guest poster explain the advantages of setting up your company in Belize. It’s a little complicated day one, but it can save you a lot of taxes and makes it easier to travel everywhere.

6. Divestor took a look at some of Canada’s largest energy stocks and noticed that most haven’t done well lately despite the price of oil staying pretty stable. What’s up? Is it a buying opportunity?

7. You know those people who bug you when you’re at the grocery store to try and get you to sign up for a credit card? There’s an interview with a bunch of former employees, who admit to doing some pretty shady stuff.

8. I love reading about the clever stuff hedge fund guys do to make money. Here’s how they used flight plans of Johnson & Johnson’s corporate jet to figure out the company was in Switzerland, trying to buy a rival. Fascinating stuff.

9. Here’s an interview with Francis Chou, one of my favorite value investors. He doesn’t do much to get himself out there, so these interviews are pretty rare.

10. My favorite Motley Fool Canada writer who doesn’t stare back at me in the mirror is Will Ashworth. He wrote an article this week urging Toronto homeowners to sell and invest the proceeds. This is good advice, although nobody reading will do it.

11. Boomer and Echo argues Canada should have a universal drug pricing plan. Even though I’m a unabashed capitalist, I 100% agree. Alberta recently passed a law capping dental costs, which I am 100% for. If the government is going to get into medicine, it might as well go all the way.

12. And finally, The Beaverton has an open letter to both Kevin O’Leary and Kathleen Wynne, who both made headlines this week by writing open letters to each other. The sooner we kill this open letter trend, the better.

Stuff Nelson wrote

As a reminder, you can hire me to write for your blog, newspaper, or poorly-Xeroxed newsletter. Hit the ol’ contact me page to get the ball rolling. 

1. Let’s start things off with my feature of a local early retiree who wanted to remain nameless, who outlines how he did it.

2. I also outlined how much you’ll need to invest in Artis REIT to collect $1,000 per month. I’m an Artis shareholder, but, alas, I’m *only* collecting $999 per month in dividends. Or $60. Those numbers are basically the same.

I have secured a new freelance writing client. I’ll start posting those articles next week.

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