Michael Jordan is my favorite former athlete. The guy dominates basketball for a decade and then decides he’s bored and he’s going to give baseball a try now. Because, hey, why the hell not?

Michael Jordan’s baseball career is viewed by most as a punchline. “Hey, remember when the NBA unofficially kicked MJ out and then he sucked at baseball for a year? LOL that was great, huh?”

But people aren’t giving Jordan nearly enough credit. The guy had barely picked up a bat for 13 years. Then he goes to AA ball, which is reserved for the best 1,000 baseball players in the world. And he held his own. That’s the amazing part. He wasn’t an embarrassment.

According to Terry Francona, who was Jordan’s manager in Birmingham, the basketball legend had what it took to make it to the major leagues if he was willing to put in the work. If I had a time machine, I’d use it to convince MJ to stick it out — right after I murdered baby Hitler, of course.

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Time for links

1. HBO released a new Warren Buffett documentary on Sunday, which I has not seen because I am too cheap to pay for that channel. And all the other channels. The good news for us cheapskates is Buffett did a lot of interviews promoting the movie. Here’s one he did with Bill Gates. It was broadcast on Facebook Live, which prompted Warren to ask “what’s Facebook Live?”

2. One of my favorite articles ever was on CNBC this week, profiling a guy who steals ideas from Kickstarters and sells them on his own. Click on this, it’s absolutely fascinating.

3. Asset-Based Life has some thoughts about a safe withdrawal rate. Spoiler alert: Paul’s not going for a 4% withdrawal rate.

4. This one is a bit of a doozy. It’s about Medallion Financial, a dying company with millions lent out against rapidly declining taxi medallions. This article outlines how Medallion Financial used an ex-fashion model to try and sway public opinion in some not-so-honest ways.

5. Here’s an article at the Findependence Day Hub about how you can use strategically placed RRSP contributions to get some excellent short-term returns.

6. Andrew Hallam, over at Asset Builder, asks whether Mexico is the best place in the world to retire. He makes a pretty compelling argument. I’m still not that excited about investing in Mexico, though.

7. Kapitalist tells an amazing story from Reddit about a stock trader who blew most of a $2.5 million inheritance on trading before betting his last $250,000 on Apple missing earnings. It turns out that the story was probably fake, but it’s still bananas.

8. Here’s how Dr. Jin Won Choi of MoneyGeek values stocks. It’s a somewhat complex read, but it’s a worthy piece of writing for anyone who calls themselves a value investor.

9. This week’s cold shower is brought to you by Garth Turner, who points out just how much of our economy is dependent on both building and trading houses.

10. I was featured in this list of Canadian personal finance bloggers to follow in Canada.

11. 5i Research points out a growing company that pays an 8.7% yield. It’s a pretty compelling opportunity.

12. And that’s all I’ve got. Read Financial Uproar again or something.

Stuff Nelson wrote

As a reminder, you can hire me to write for your blog, newspaper, or poorly-Xeroxed newsletter. Hit the ol’ contact me page to get the ball rolling. Actually, don’t. Nelly’s getting too busy. 

1. Let’s start things off with my debut piece on InvestorPlace on why Amazon’s P/E ratio doesn’t matter. Still doesn’t mean I’m going to invest in it, though.

2. I wrote about a rumored deal that made headlines on Friday, which is Hudson’s Bay Company looking to buy Macy’s despite the latter having a market cap five times higher. Hint: it’s not about the retail business.

3. I talked about something called shareholder yield, which I think is far more important than just a company’s dividend yield.

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Poor Johnny Depp. So rich yet so poor at the same time.

Have a good week, everybody. Enjoy the Super Bowl.

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