After the last 92 weeks (approximately, I’m not good with clocks) of pimping my upcoming BNN appearance, I was all jazzed to finally get my handsome mug on TV WHERE IT BELONGS.

I got up early, put on a shirt with a tie (all the lady readers fan themselves), and headed down to the local CTV station. Everything was going to plan. They strapped on my mic and put my earpiece in and I was ready. It was just a matter of killing the 10 minutes or so before I was scheduled to go on air.

Then, a change of plans. The TSX Composite Index hit an all-time high on Friday morning. And I was going to talk about investments that weren’t stocks. This wouldn’t do.

So I got bumped, as they say in TV land. They filmed a segment about energy stocks instead, leaving me temporarily misplaced.

The good news is I’ll still be on TV. The segment has been taped and it will be aired. I’m just not sure when. Follow me on the Twitter for up to the minute updates on my TV debut. I’ll also make sure to link to where you can watch it online.

Links I liked

1. Let’s start things out with a profile of Marc Cohodes, who is rapidly becoming the world’s best-known short-seller. It’s an interesting piece if you’re into such things. The thing that amazed me is how personal he takes everything. He truly thinks he’s going God’s work.

2. Here’s a scary article for those of us with our own companies. It looks like the feds are about to squash a lot of the advantages to incorporating, including income splitting and the ability to grow your retained earnings. Kevin O’Leary is right. Justin Trudeau IS evil. The evilest guys are always the handsomest.

3. My homie Liquid (or, as his friends call him, Beatbox), takes a closer look at index investing and concludes that while it’s pretty good, there are some downfalls that never get brought up.

4. Here’s an interview with Ed Thorp, who used his math skills to beat Vegas before moving onto the stock market. He has an autobiography out that looks fascinating.

5. There aren’t many blogs I click on gleefully when they post an update, but Paul over at Asset Based Life is one of them. This week (Paul’s output is only about one post a week, but when it’s all good you don’t complain) he weighs in on the different ways Europeans and Americans view inheritance.

6. I’m encouraged by a few articles this week that try to throw cold water on our love of retirement. Here’s a story about a guy who decided to become a minister after his corporate life ended, and is still going strong at 76.

7. Want to watch the new Warren Buffett documentary? Here you go. I’ll post my review of it next week.

8. Boomer and Echo remind everyone to make sure you treat all of your accounts like one portfolio. So your TFSA might be filled with bonds, but that’s okay because equities are in other accounts that are taxed better.

9. Not really finance related, but I still thought it was interesting. Here’s the case for moving the New York Islanders to Hartford and bringing back the Whalers. Those old Whaler uniforms were fantastic.

10. Here’s an article from Farnam Street about why it’s valuable to work on several projects at once. The blog has a real lack of investment ideas considering it’s named after the street Warren Buffett lives on, but it’s still an entertaining read.

Stuff Nelson wrote

1. Let’s start things off with an article about why Pepsi should split into two different companies. Spoiler alert: it turns out chips are a great business.

2. I took a look at how much you’ll need to generate in dividends if you want to retire early. If you move somewhere cheap it’s not that much at all.

3. I also took a look at a number of boring stocks that could make you very rich. Or at least richer than you are today.

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