A few months ago I was asked by a reader (it might have been in this ask me anything post) what my favorite investing podcasts were. Because I am nothing but a crotchety old bastard, I responded with something approximating “I don’t listen to that crap. Also, get off my lawn. Damn teens.”

I’ve since changed my tune. I tore through the only interesting books of my library’s audiobook collection pretty quickly, leaving me with nothing to do when I work out. I tried staring deeply into the eyes of the person on the elliptical next to me, but my wife just rolled her eyes and told me to cut it out.

(Speaking of creepy stuff, here’s a fun thing to do. Go up to a stranger, look them deep in the eyes, and sing this song. Please note I will not bail you out of jail)

I had two choices. I could just *not* work out anymore, which is the option that almost won out. Or I could find myself some investing podcasts to listen to. I chose the latter. Here are five of the best.

Bigger Pockets

The Bigger Pockets podcast is dedicated to investment real estate. The two hosts — Joshua Dorkin (editor’s note: heh. dork.) and Brandon Turner — interview a vast array of real estate investors. Some are house flippers. Some are buy and hold investors. And others are professionals with millions of dollars worth of properties.

The hosts do a great job asking pointed questions to each guest, calling them out (in a very gentle way) if they don’t believe their hype. Yet the show has a decidedly muted feeling. You won’t hear a lot of grandiose claims in this investing podcast.

A new episode comes out every week and there are 214 in the archives, all at least an hour long. You’d better get started.

Suggested episodes: 

213: Investing in Real Estate Without Becoming a Landlord with Noah Kagan

209: Flipping 83 Homes in the Last 18 Months with Kevin Carroll

208: Buying 41 Units on Your First Deal + Mobile Home Park Investing with Jack Baczek

108: Building a $350 Million Real Estate Empire Using the 10X Rule with Grant Cardone (My favorite one. Cardone is bananas.)

How I Built This

How I Built This is a relatively new investing podcast from NPR. Yes, I’m a little surprised NPR has tackled such a topic, but let’s not discourage them.

(I am being told I have outdated stereotypes of NPR. Duh. Outdated stereotypes are the best kinds, FYI)

The concept behind How I Built This is simple. The show interviews somebody who has built up a business from scratch into something worth millions (or, usually, billions). It’s a little light on details but is usually quite entertaining. Each episode is only a little more than a half hour long, making it the perfect podcast for the gym.

Suggested episodes:

Virgin: Richard Branson

Zumba: Beto Perez and Alberto Perlman

Serial Entrepreneur: Mark Cuban

Southwest Airlines: Herb Kelleher

(All episodes are listed on this page)

Podcast tip! Listen to these bad boys at 1.5x speed (or faster if your ears can handle it). You’ll cut an hour long show into 40 minutes. Or, if possible, read the transcript. Most people can read a whole lot faster than they can listen. 

Planet Microcap

The Planet Microcap podcast interviews prominent microcap investors, usually folks with a value bent. It discusses the unique challenges with investing in the asset class, as well as a myriad of other investing topics that are interesting to those of us who build portfolios full of individual stocks. Like I always say, the best opportunities are where other investors won’t go, and we all know plenty of investors who won’t touch small companies.

Suggested episodes:

Episode 37: Banking Sector, Investing Books and Articles with Nate Tobik

Episode 34: Deep Value Investing with Tobias Carlisle

Episode 14: Information Arbitrage and Microcap Investing with Maj Soueidan

Value Investing Podcast

This is the first investing podcast I stumbled upon, probably because the title is exactly what I searched. Host John Mihaljevic — the author of The Manual of Ideas, a valuable book on idea generation for value investors — interviews all sorts of different value-focused fund managers. Topics range from individual securities to more general investing themes with pretty much everything in between.

Suggested episodes:

James Roumell on Deep Value Investing

Behind the Book with Jeroen Bos

Ben Strubel of Strubel Investment Management

Howard Marks of Oaktree Capital Management

The Meb Faber Show

This last choice was a tough one. I could have included about five different investing podcasts I enjoy here, but Meb Faber takes the final spot with a podcast that checks off all my boxes. Interesting guests? Check. Good topics? Double check. He even takes the time to answer listener questions. Faber is also kind enough to put his podcast transcripts on his page for those of us who’d rather read than listen. He truly is a God among men.

Suggested episodes

Episode 39: Ed Thorp “If You Bet Too Much, You’ll Almost Certainly Be Ruined”

Episode 28: Larry Swedroe “There is Literally No Logical Reason for Anyone to Have a Preference for Dividends”

Episode 13: Want Buffett’s Returns? Here’s How to Get Them

Episode 12: Why Shareholder Yield Beats Dividend Yield

Honorable mentions

Here are some other podcasts I listen to that just weren’t good enough to make the top 5.

The Tim Ferriss show — A lot of people don’t care for his promotional ways (and there are a lot of ads), but Ferris consistently has fascinating guests talking about interesting things.

NPR’s Planet Money — This podcast is a little less to do with investing and a little more to do with money in general. The tagline is “the economy, explained.” There are more than 750 episodes in the archives, so be prepared to spend a little time.

The James Altucher Show — Altucher is an interesting guy. I know of at least one finance blogger who thinks he’s an outright sham, but his podcast is pretty good. Like with Tim Ferriss, expect a lot of general money talk and not a whole lot about investing.

Do you have any favorite investing (NOT personal finance) podcasts? Feel free to share in the comments. 

Tell everyone, yo!