It was Daylight Savings a little over a week ago, that magical weekend where clocks go back an hour for no good reason and everyone notices what a difference an hour less sleep makes.

I could maybe understand the thought process back in the 1920s when electricity was scarce and light bulbs actually made a difference. But a lot has changed in 160 years, including the ability to do basic math. There’s no need to try to save electricity today. Energy saving measures are already doing that without us.

Which is why I was happy to hear the ruling NDP party in Alberta is considering abolishing the practice and leaving the province on central standard time all year round, which is the same as Saskatchewan. The party plans to vote on the bill soon (which will likely pass), making it two things the NDP has done I like.

The other was banning most door-to-door sales. If those guys keep going, I might have to vote for them.

(Realizes the Carbon Tax is still a thing)

(Shakes fist wildly)

Like I could vote for the socialists. How would I sleep at night? I normally sleep on a pile of money but the NDP wants to take it away.

Links I liked

1. Holy Potato weighs in on the fiasco that is the Home Capital Group fraud case, which a lot of fingers being pointed at CMHC. But as much as I want to see Home Capital fall, and much as Home Capital deserves it, I’m mostly bored of the whole exercise. I want it to be over with. It’s just the same people shouting the same arguments back and forth to each other. There’s more independent thought at a Trump rally.

2. Freedom Thirty Five Blog points out just how much better it is to live in Canada versus the United States. As much as I ideologically like the idea of free market health care, the U.S. is proof such a thing just doesn’t work. Socialized medicine is a huge plus for Canada.

3. The Federal government is getting ready to tax the living hell out of y’all with its next budget, which comes out next week. Potential changes include a 75% inclusion rate for capital gains, taxing stock options differently, higher taxes for small corporations, and more. Garth Turner has all the ugly details.

4. Here’s a story about how a convicted fraudster tricked a small town into giving him a bunch of money for a reality show. I’ll give the guy credit, it’s at least 47% more clever than most frauds.

5. Here’s a great interview with billionaire real estate mogul Michard LeFrak, from my new favorite Youtube channel, Investors Archive. Look for a lot more of these links over the upcoming weeks.

6. It’s not very often I enjoy a book review post, but Paul from Asset-Based Life could write an entertaining post on his grocery list. He reviews a Japanese decluttering book that’s far better than you’d think.

7. Barry from Money We Have asks an important question that needs to be brought up more often. What exactly is your money for? What are you working towards? There’s no point in having a goal if there isn’t a why attached.

8. Roadmap 2 Retire outlines why he recently bought TD Bank on the heels of its sales controversy. I agree with his thinking completely. People have already forgotten about it. It’ll be such a non-issue a year from now.

9. Interesting post from The Rational Walk, which thinks that investors shouldn’t share ideas with each other, saying that good investments are rare and should therefore be guarded. I prefer a hybrid approach, which is buying a full position and then sharing it with you guys.

10. Here’s how Peter Cundill, an extremely underrated Canadian deep value investor, approached investing.

Stuff Nelson wrote

1. A lot of people seem to think you need a minimum of $1 million to retire today. I disagree, outlining how retirees with significantly less can still avoid eating cat food.

2. I also pointed out four reasons why your “can’t miss” marijuana stock investment could turn out very badly.

3. Finally, I wrote about Target, which recently announced a $7 billion investment in its stores. Very little of that cash is going towards its digital business. This is a colossally dumb decision to make in 2017.

Tweet of the week

What am I supposed to do, not make fun of St. Patrick’s Day? What a useless holiday. Screw you and your green beer.

Have a good week, everyone.

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