Has anyone else noticed how I call these “weekly linkfests” and they’re really more monthly? DON’T ANSWER THAT.

Let’s talk a little about the greatest fast food sandwich of all-time, the McRib. Oh baby I miss the McRib. I could easily eat five a sitting if shame didn’t stop me.

Oh baby. Just get those trash pickles off that and I am in gluttony heaven. I don’t know what it is about the sauce but it’s the greatest thing ever. I want to guzzle bottles of it. I love that sauce so much I would lick it off your mother’s ass.

Naturally, I was over the moon when I first heard McDonald’s was bringing back the McRib for a limited time. But there was no information about the sandwich’s availability in Canada. With baited breath I reached out to the McDonald’s Canada Twitter robot and asked.

How. Dare. They. I have never been more upset. You’re not passing along anything either, social media person. You couldn’t care less about my needs.

So now I’m faced with a dilemma. The nearest American McDonald’s is in Great Falls, which is a full six hours away from my house. I don’t want to drive the better part of a day just for someone to make me a damn sandwich. That’s why I got married! HEYO!

And that joke is why I got divorced! HEYO! Hey, who gave my wife my WordPress password?

I like taking the odd road trip to America. There are plenty of other reasons to go too, like going to Great Falls’ Kmart. That’s where hope goes to die. God, what a depressing store. I love it. I also like going to witness the miracle of alcohol in grocery stores. This works? Are you people sure? We could never have such a thing in Canada.

Great Falls also has a lot of parks and whatnot. It’s a pretty nice place overall. It reminds me a lot of Canada, actually.

Still, I probably won’t go. So American readers please eat a McRib for me. BUT NOT TWO. That would be excessive.

Links I liked

1. I often forget some of the people I follow on Twitter have websites. So some of these links will be new to you readers, but not so much to me. Let’s start off with Value Stock Geek, who has a nice review of an interesting book about America’s new oil boom called Saudi America. Note that the author, Bethany McLean, also wrote The Smartest Guys in the Room about the Enron fiasco.

2. Ian Bezek is investing $1,000 a month into a basket of high-quality U.S. stocks with the hopes of turning it into $1 million by 2041. It’s a great resource for investors just starting out or for guys like me who have a little U.S. Dollar cash to put to work. Plus, Ian doesn’t just talk about huge stocks like Facebook or Apple.

3. Speaking of sources of investing ideas, Mr. Tako Escapes is back with his monthly investing ideas post. He includes a Canadian stock or two most of the time in there, which he does specifically to make me happy. He hasn’t confirmed this, but I’m 99.98% convinced it’s true.

I like the monthly ideas post so much I think I’m going to steal it.

4. Canadian Value Stocks has some thoughts about the asset management business, and specifically about the half dozen or so stocks in the sector he holds. While I’m not nearly as bullish about the sector as he is, Tyler’s thoughts are always worth a few minutes of your time.

5. As inspired by my Suze Orman trolls early retirees post (at least I’m assuming), Mark from My Own Advisor points out the ridiculousness of saying you need at least $5 million to retire. It turns out you only need $4.5 mil to retire early. What a relief!

Or something like that. Click the damn link. Help these people out.

6. An interesting question over at The Rational Walk. Would you rather have success early and coast through your latter years or have to wait until you’re 40 (or older) to have any major accomplishments? Personally, I’d be quite content to ride early success into the sunset, but I can see how most people would want to keep pushing.

7. Another week month, another Asset-Based Life mention. This week’s post is a reminder that minimizing mistakes in life can be much better than maximizing wins. It’s a great timeless lesson that comes with a free book recommendation, which is always the key to my heart. Wait, my rumbling stomach is telling me food is the actual key to my heart.

(Googles ‘can a stomach eat itself’)

8. Hot damn are there a lot of good personal finance/investing blogs out there. I barely even know where to begin anymore. It’s an embarrassment of riches. My Money Wizard is another fantastic website. This week he delves into a topic that always inspires a good debate — is being rich all it’s cracked up to be?

9. Dale Roberts over at Cut the Crap Investing shares some predictions made by Alexander Graham Bell back in 1918 about how life would be like in 2018. He actually nailed a lot of it. It turns out the guy who invented the phone was pretty smart. The post then morphs into one of the more interesting link roundups you’ll read. It’s a lot better than this filth, anyway.

10. And finally, the Globe and Mail is finally tackling an issue that matters. Here’s the best way to attack an all-you-can-eat buffet. Basically, it boils down to avoiding the carbs. But they’re delicious!

Have a good week, everyone. See ya on Monday.

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