Finally, an excuse to put up a Patrick Roy picture. My favorite memory of him was definitely when he sent his kid out to fight some other kid during a junior hockey game. So crazy. I love it.

Junior hockey used to be absolutely bananas. That was only 10 years ago! The younger Roy was charged in the incident, but got away with a slap on the wrist. He had quit hockey at that point to pursue a singing career in the United States, which probably had something to do with it.

I just listened to one of his songs on Youtube. It’s not terrible.

This was a fun little rabbit hole. Kind of like when I used to click random on Wikipedia until something interesting came up.

I recently acquired a new television for my basement, a second-hand unit that only has a mere 720p resolution. Since the majority of my TV watching will be video from the internet and the occasional PS3/SNES/NES Classic video games, this isn’t a big deal.

Our current upstairs TV is a 32 inch beast from about 10 years ago. It had two appeals when I first got it — the unit had a built-in DVD player (which is super convenient for the three times a year we pop in a disc) and it was free. It has served us well over the years.

I just instructed the wife to hug the TV for being so good to us. For some reason she’s opposed to this.

The new TV is 42 inches, and it seems absolutely MASSIVE in comparison. I’m sure there’s a lesson in expectations in there or something but for now I’m just enjoying watching Jonathan Roy music videos while talking to you guys.

Time for Links

The only good thing about waiting so long between these link roundup posts is it’s a lot easier to come up with a bunch of good stuff. I’ll even sneak in a little bit of my own writing from other sites too.

1. Let’s start things off with my new favorite genre of article, those that shit on your local 35-year old’s retirement dreams. I continue to say that striving to save as much as you can is admirable goal, and there’s nothing wrong with making life changes to maximize your free time if that floats your boat. I’ve done exactly that. I just hate that we call it “retired” and there are hundreds of “retired” bloggers who make millions collectively selling that dream.

2. If you’re on Twitter and I notice I’ve liked something, chances are you’ll see it here. Either that or someone’s posting excerpts of some interesting-sounding book. On that note, here’s probably the most scathing book review I’ve ever read, absolutely eviscerating Ray Dalio’s Principles. I’m just happy I wasn’t the only one who hated it.

Seriously, what a boring book. Don’t waste your time.

3. Let’s pivot to something completely different. Here’s Value Stock Geek admitting his struggles with alcoholism. This is a brave post that takes more intestinal fortitude than I have to write. One of the reasons why I don’t touch the sauce is because I know something like that could very well happen to me.

4. One of the reasons why I didn’t venture to Toronto for the recently concluded Canadian Personal Finance Conference was because the theme of “pushing the boundaries of personal finance” didn’t really do it for me. I still have no idea what the hell that’s supposed to mean, and listening to a former Hudson’s Bay exec talk about personal finance doesn’t seem like something worth my time. Anyhoo, here’s Million Dollar Journey opining on the same topic, and he concludes pretty much what I do — that there aren’t really many personal finance topics that haven’t already been fully analyzed.

5. My Money Wizard might be the best personal finance blog you’re currently not reading. Or maybe you are. He profiles Orville Rogers, a retired pilot who used smart investing and a long lifespan to amass a crapload of money. It really can be that simple guys.

6. The Stronach family is currently suing the crap out of each other about what else — money. Currently, dad Frank and brother Andrew are upset with Brenda, the former politician/lover of Peter McKay. We’re talking some pretty serious money here; the dad’s lawsuit is for $250 million. Now I’m kinda bullish on Magna and I’m so happy none of the family is still actively involved in the company.

This is a good set of links. One of my better collections lately.

7. Let’s sully things up with a little bit of my own writing. I told millennials how they can generate a $10 million TFSA¬†by investing well over a long period of time. It really isn’t that hard. I also wrote about why I recently added Canadian Utilities to the ol’ portfolio.

8. I wrote a portfolio update over at Canadian Dividend Investing, which is where you want to go to see what I’m investing in these days. I might merge CDI with FU at some point but I also realize the people who read my investing stuff might not want to read my PF stuff. And vise versa. I dunno. Voice your opinion in the comments if you have strong feelings about what I should do.

9. Cold and Rich offers a alternate solution for your emergency fund — putting the cash to work in preferred shares, which yield 5%+. If I was liquidating my portfolio and needed cash I’d turn to the bonds/preferred shares first. Hell, bonds only exist in my portfolio to eventually be invested in stocks. I just don’t need the cash right now.

10. Dale Roberts from Cut The Crap Investing offers a piece of investing advice I wish I followed 15 years ago — buy the bank stocks, not mutual funds. I owned both TD and BMO at much lower prices than today, picking them both up as a much younger man. I remember TD shares being worth $27 each when I bought them. They’ve split since then and are now worth $72. Sigh.

11. Mortgage rate comparison site RateHub recently announced it was acquiring MoneySense, a decades-old institution in Canadian personal finance. It’ll be interesting to see the direction they take their new acquisition; if RateHub itself is any indication, look for a lot of posts on why you need a new credit card.

12. Boomer and Echo listed their 2019 goals, including such major milestones as continue contributing to a TFSA and spend some money on a vacation. It highlights something we should all know but us bloggers don’t focus on because it’s shit for pageviews — good financial goals should be boring. The outlandish stuff just doesn’t get done.

13. And finally, here’s Rob from Passive Canadian Income, who’s contemplating buying a rental property. An interesting look at the mindset of a first-time real estate investor. These days my real estate investing is limited to REITs, but it’s fun to read about someone else’s experience.

14. One more before I go. Here’s David Chilton talking about how he invests. It turns out it’s not just gold-plated scissors all the time. Get it? Because he’s the Wealthy Barber? WHATEVER I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU COME UP WITH SOMETHING BETTER.

How about David Chilton encourages investors to cut their investing fees by putting their money to work in low-cost alternatives?

Damn you.

And that’s about it. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Tell everyone, yo!