I’m taking my mom to Las Vegas because I am the nicest son ever.

Why’d everyone start laughing suddenly? Weird.

This is no real sacrifice on my part, since I’m a big fan of the ol’ Sin City. I plan to consume my weight in delicious buffets and then yell at some no-good comic on a stage somewhere. I’M FUNNIER THAN YOU AND I JUST HAVE A DUMB BLOG. I SHOULD BE UP THERE. And then everyone will clap, I’ll be invited on stage, and the next thing you know I’ll have ditched y’all for my own Vegas show.

My wife suggested I dust off my old MyVegas account and see if I could use it to get a 2-for-1 buffet coupon or two. I thought this was a capital idea, so I rushed over to the Facebook (disclosure: long the stock) and did some vigorous clicking.

For those of you unfamiliar, MyVegas is a slots game you play on Facebook or its own mobile app. You get coins for playing or accomplishing certain milestones. These coins can then be exchanged for 2-for-1 coupons, free attractions, discounted show tickets, and so on.

So I go on the MyVegas part of Facebook — which is still better than 90% of the memes shared by your uncle — and did a double take. I remembered clearing out most of my coins the last time I went to Vegas itself, but apparently not. I had enough for a 2-for-1 buffet for three nights of my trip with plenty of coins left over.

This’ll save my mom and I at least $100, easy. And that’s U.S. Dollars. That translates into approximately $1.6 million in local currency. Don’t look it up, I’m right.

Not bad for a few minutes of clicking.

Links I liked

1. Let’s start things off with one of my favorites, Tyler from Canadian Value Stocks. He profiled Information Services Corp, a boring-sounding stock that has a pretty boring main business. It might be dull, but it’s a pretty fantastic business. I own some, although I’m down a bit on my purchase.

2. Liquid Independence is back with a nice reminder of the benefits of owning assets outside of the stock market, especially as equities fall. The psychological benefits of not having to decrease the value of private real estate by 20% on your balance sheet are huge, especially when the rest of your portfolio is taking it on the chin.

3. Up next is a fascinating look at an investor who crushed the index over a 20-year period. Rather than continuing to invest he’s trying to make his edge disappear. This is worth your time.

4. Here’s an analyst that thinks Amazon should move into gas stations, an idea that sounds less and less crazy the more I think of it.

5. Let’s highlight a couple of year-end reports next. Divestor weighs in with his results for 2018 and has some predictions for the year ahead. Boomer and Echo also recaps his 2018 but without the predictions. He’s too smart for that shit.

6. Some more 2018 years in review? Sure, why not. Let’s check in on a couple of dividend bloggers. Matthew from All About the Dividends hit $6,000 in annual income, while My Own Advisor did $17,221 (from his TFSA and taxable account only). Mike the Dividend Guy also reported great results. And I almost forgot about Rob from Passive Canadian Income.

7. Oh hey, let’s split up this party with some of my own writing. Here’s a better way to play Alberta’s potential recovery rather than buying oil stocks, and I also talked about how buying REITs instead of a house will make you richer over the long-term.

8. Over at Cut the Crap Investing Dale Roberts threw us dividend investors a bone and published model ETF portfolios designed to generate income. Good stuff as always.

9. Here’s Value Stock Geek’s year in review. It wasn’t a good year for the hardcore value investor, but I really like his commentary and thought process.

And that about does it for this week. Tune into FU (yes, this is just like a TV show) next week for articles mocking debt repayment tips, my picks for a stock picking contest, and why I never reinvest dividends.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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