Although my personal goals are to work less rather than more going forward, I realize y’all might see things differently. And since increasing your income is best way to improve your total financial picture, a side hustle often recommended by the powers to be.

There are a million different side hustles you can do. Some of my favorites include reffing sports (free exercise, tubby!), starting up a blogening (a business that scales forever), or renting out some unused space on AirBnb. The beauty of AirBnb is you can expand it by renting additional space rather than tying up your capital owning property.

I even have my own side hustle. I still work a grocery store job 1-2 days a week, mostly for the interaction with people that aren’t my cat. I also (mostly) enjoy the work and the money’s nice too. Getting a discount on groceries is an added bonus.

There’s just one problem with side hustles like mine. There’s a certain amount of commitment that comes with it. The grocery store doesn’t let me come in whenever I want. Kids sports don’t just happen when you show up either. This isn’t a big deal for me, but probably would be for someone with a more traditional full-time job.

The best side hustles are those that allow you to make money at your leisure. Ideally you’d probably also want something that stimulates the mind a bit (I said mind, you prevert) too, but ultimately the goal is making money and having fun doing it at your own speed.

This side hustle delivers. And because it’s slightly technologically advanced I’m calling it a perfect side hustle for 2019.

2019: the year technology finally makes all of your non-sexual dreams come true.

What is it?

Okay, no more teasing. 2019’s best side hustle is flipping crap you find on Facebook.

Facebook’s marketplaces are pretty much the perfect example of inefficient markets, at least in my small town. There are very few interested buyers yet people still insist on selling this stuff locally.

Smartphones are a big one. People upgrade their phones and then want to get a few bucks for the old one. They know getting more money is possible if they sell it on eBay, but they’re too lazy to create an account. Besides, that’ll take weeks to do, and they want their money today, dammit. Or maybe tomorrow. FRIDAY’S TOO LATE. I’LL STARVE BY THEN.

This creates an inefficient market, one you can exploit for monetary gain and possibly the admiration of the opposite sex (results pending on that last part). I regularly see phones that go for $250-$300 on eBay trading hands for $100 on local buy and sell groups.

This is easy money just waiting for you to come along and take.

You’ll have to do a little work to get paid, but not much. Figuring out which phones are stolen is pretty easy. There are things to look for. Or maybe you insist on buying phones with the box included. I dunno. This isn’t hard. Find some small shipping boxes and you’re in business.

Phones aren’t the only thing worth flipping. Video game systems usually sell at a big discount locally too. I’ve seen tablets that can easily be resold for a nice gain. Basically anything small that has decent sales volume on eBay can be flipped profitably. But if your local market is anything like mine, phones will be your bread and butter. It’s amazing how many of them are out there.

(Aside: the only thing more inefficient is Facebook’s used appliance market. I’ve seen perfectly good 5-year-old washers/dryers sell for 5-10% the price of a new one. This is how I’ll replace those appliances when mine crap out)

Feeling lazy? No problem. The phone flipping side hustle doesn’t require any regular hours or any physical labor. All you need is a Facebook account, a scrolling finger (pro tip: use your thumb), and a little initial capital. I guess you need an eBay account and Paypal too, but this shit ain’t hard. Get at it, sparky.


You get to go on these online auctions and do your best Dave Hester impression, bidding this stuff up when you don’t even want it. I can think of few hobbies that allow being an asshole as a fringe benefit.

Tell everyone, yo!