Let’s talk a little about this weekly feature on the Link Dump. This might be a little inside baseball, but whatever. Like I care what y’all think.

This bad boy is, by far, the toughest post I do every week. It’s not even close either.

There’s an easy way to do one of these and a hard way. Yes, it’s exactly like cleaning your room when you’re eight. The easy way, which the majority of bloggers do, is to find about a dozen different sources and link to them every week. This primarily happens because a) these posts are hard to do if you’re looking for new content each week and b) it’s part of a quid-pro-pro system that essentially says “I’ll link to you if you return the favor.”

There’s also c) which is when a small or medium-sized blog exclusively links out to bigger ones, trying to get their attention. C is extra sad.

(Now that you know this, go re-read your favorite blogger’s link dump with a brand new cynical perspective. Fun!)

This brings us to another interesting truth about the finance blogging sector — many authors aren’t really interested in reading what their peers have to say. I’ve been amazed at how many are willing to admit they no longer check out any financial blogs. This is a real shame, since there’s all sorts of wisdom out there. Of course there’s also a whole lot of crap, too. Please don’t guess which group Financial Uproar belongs to.

These link posts are a lot of work to do right, but it’s not really that big of a deal for me. I’m a voracious reader who’s always looking for interesting things to consume. If an article interested me, the least I can do is give it a shout-out. And if I like it then I bet you will too. You guys have consistently given me compliments for link dump posts and the traffic numbers prove they’re popular.

Anyhoo, that’s probably enough. Onto the good stuff.

Links I liked

1. Let’s start things out with a good reminder from a finance blog called Smile and Conquer (it’s a bit of an odd name but let’s go with it), about how your mortgage is fantastic debt. Where else are you going to borrow money that cheap without taking it from your grandmother’s nightstand?

2. It’s not often I link to a post that ultimately disappointed me, but I’m going to do it anyway. Here’s an opinion piece over at Bloomberg highlighting a study that confirmed something we’ve likely all suspected — collectively investors are lousy at selling stocks. It turns out most fund managers would have done better choosing stocks to sell at random rather than doing painstaking research.

So what disappointed me? It just highlighted the problem. There’s no solution. I’d love to hear from good sellers who have this figured out.

3. Dividend Growth Investor wrote about the dividend crossover point, the kind of financial independence I can get behind. That’s where your expenses are covered by dividends and the growth in these payouts should be enough to protect you against inflation. We’re not quite there yet in terms of just dividends, but we’re getting there.

4. This isn’t about finance, but y’all gotta let me put in one non-business related link each week. Right? WHATEVER DAD YOU’RE NOT THE BOSS OF ME ANYMORE. I SWEAR TO GOD I’LL MOVE OUT OF THIS BASEMENT.

I’m sorry you had to witness that. Anyway the link is looking at how much a grown-ass man would dominate Little League baseball. This is definitely worth your time if you’re into baseball or beating children so badly they cry.

5. WeWork, the giant co-working and office space company that is apparently worth $47 billion (LOL sure it is), got into some hot water recently when it was disclosed its CEO owned stakes in buildings WeWork then leased back. Yeah, that’s not cool.

This is a constant problem in the micro-cap stock world, by the way. You get some CEO who controls the stock and he just does whatever he wants. I used to buy these companies if they were cheap enough but now I just stay away. There’s too much quality out there for me to want to wade into this crap.

6. Personal finance burnout is very much a thing. Here’s how Martin over at Studenomics avoids it while throwing in a few references about how jacked he is. I could still beat him up though.

7. Up next is Mr. Tako Escapes with one of the great questions of the investing world. Just exactly who should you trust, anyway? He’s even figured out the right answer, which unfortunately is cynical as all hell.

Some of you people trust me, for reasons I’ll never fully understand. But thanks.

8. Gen Y Money was kind enough to feature me in this post highlighting six Canadian finance bloggers to follow in 2019. Go for the list, stay for the blurb on Cross Country Canada, one of the best computer games of the 1980s.

9. Time for some of my own writing. Here’s why I just bought Altagas shares, which I think is one of the more undervalued stocks on the TSX. I also wrote about an interesting REIT that yields almost 8% that has all sorts of growth potential ahead of it.

10. Alpha Vulture posted a nice list of suggested books on investing. Check out the additional choices in the comments.

That’s about it for this week, kids. Stay tuned for next week’s posts including talk about stock splits and when I finally tackle the topic of bitcoin. What?!?!?

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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