The original title of this was going to be “want to hang with a creepy internet celebrity” but then I realized that would be a lie. I’m not a celebrity. I’m not even an internet celebrity, which is the saddest kind of celebrity.

Okay kids, here’s the dealie-o. One of the reasons why this here blogening exists is so I can talk investing with like-minded people. I don’t have a lot of investor friends in real life, so I’m forced to talk to y’all about it. This frees up time to watch TOM BRADY ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE BABY WHOOO while not boring these same friends with P/E ratios.

So I’m going to organize a little blog meet-up. We can all get together and talk investing, or personal finance, or whatever. These things tend to cover a wide array of topics. Anyone is welcome, so don’t worry about having a blog or anything like that. I want to open this up to everyone.


The deets

I’ll be in Calgary for lunch on Saturday, February 2nd. Rather than stare at the wall of McDonald’s my phone, I figure I could talk to you guys instead.

But here’s the deal. I’m not from Calgary and I really don’t know much about restaurants and whatnot. If there’s just going to be a few people then we can just show up anywhere and it’ll be fine. But if there’s going to be more than 6-8 then we’ll have to make alternate plans. So we don’t really have a location nailed down yet. That’ll be open to suggestions once I have a better idea about numbers.

I do have to be back home at a reasonable time that day, so I say we meet at noon exactly. If you are one minute late you will be banished to hell forever.

Here’s what you do

If you’re interested in coming to the Calgary meetup then do one of two things:

  1. Comment on this blog post. Put the correct email when filling in the info before you comment and I’ll be able to access it. Or post it publicly for all that I care.
  2. Reach out to me (financialuproar (at) gmail [dot] com) and tell me you want to come. Or find me on Twitter.

That’s about it. We’ll then decide where y’all are going to buy me lunch. Oooh I hope it’s classy!

Tell everyone, yo!