It’s Super Bowl weekend, baby!

Look, I’m just going to come out and say it. If you don’t think Tom Brady is the absolute best of ALL TIME, just go ahead and click that back button and never show your face around here again.

How. Dare. You.

Jared Goff, Todd Gurley, and the rest of the Rams will inevitably come up short and be nothing but a minor footnote buried in the history books. Do you remember how last year’s Super Bowl ended? Do you think Tom Brady is going to disappoint two years in a row? That man is not capable of long-term sucking.

The only question is whether Tom is going to continue on next year. I’d be more inclined to hang up my cleats after winning the big game at his age, but do you think that’s enough for the greatest player in NFL history? Absolutely not. Tom Brady isn’t just satisfied being the best of all time. He wants to dominate so soundly nobody else will even enter the conversation. And I for one am appreciating the hell out of it.

We’re all going to look back at this a decade from now and wish we still had Brady to watch. I know I sure will.

One of my buddies bet me dinner the Rams would lose. This will be the easiest victory in the history of time. Why does he hate money so much?

Links I liked

1. Let’s start things off with a post from Seeking Alpha, specifically from an anonymous author who calls himself Trapping Value. Mr. Value consistently has good stuff from a Canadian value investing perspective. Here’s one of his latest on Altagas’s preferred shares, which should be interesting to those of you who like value stocks and dividends. Hey wait. That’s all of you!

2. I generally think Corner of Berkshire and Fairfax, which was THE place for value investors to congregate, has gone sharply downhill in the last year. It’s not their fault; everyone has just migrated onto Twitter. But every now and again there’s a pretty interesting thread. This one is by an employee looking to get financing to buy his company from his boss. It’s full of great stuff (except when the Farnam Street guy shows up).

3. With Elizabeth Warren talking about a wealth tax and ol’ whatshername telling rich folks they should pay 70% taxes — and with a straight face, too! — this piece by Bloomberg takes a stroll down memory lane to back to the 1940s and 1950s to see how high earners got out of paying taxes. Surprisingly, these rich folks used various tax shelters to avoid paying their “fair share.” I know! I’m shocked too!

4. I’m a little behind on the Canadian Value Stocks feed, despite Tyler putting out a mere post a week. Last week he gave y’all the rundown on Urbana Corp, a stock I first looked at back in 2014(!). It’s worth your time.

Here’s a fun fact. I first researched Urbana back in 2014 when it traded at about 62% of net asset value. It currently trades at… about 62% of net asset value. But some good stuff has happened in between, which means investors would have gotten an 8% annual return. It just goes to show you don’t always need stocks like that one to trade closer to NAV for the investment to work out.

5. Divestor thinks some utility companies aren’t very safe, and encourages y’all to take a critical look at the power companies in your portfolio. It isn’t very often I disagree with him, but I think I am here. Look for me to write more about it next week.

6. Another Seeking Alpha article? Sure, why not. This one, by someone who dubs himself Investor Pancake (mmm… pancakes), has a nice tongue in cheek post on the first world problem of a dividend investor having too much income. Oh, the humanity!

(Note: that article will piss you off if you read it seriously. It’s excellent satire)

7. Let’s sully up this good time by including a couple of my own pieces of writing. Here’s me talking about a couple ways Canadians can easily and cheaply convert their cash into U.S. Dollars for their next getaway. And here’s a REIT that hasn’t missed a dividend since 1993.

8. Value Stock Geek has an interesting look at the David Swensen asset model, which includes more than just putting all your cash into the S&P 500. I agree wholeheartedly with putting more thought into asset allocation than being 100% in stocks.

9. Dividend Growth Investor took a closer look at Pepsico, which is currently the only big U.S.-based food company I own. Huge fan of Pepsi’s potato chip business. That bad boy prints money and is actually growing. And for whatever reason, people seem to ignore the fact chips are bad for them.

10. Mr. Free by 33 has some thoughts on portfolio construction and diworsification. Just how many stocks are too many, anyway? I’m up to about 30 in my own portfolio, but I’m not even close to his 113 different names.

11. Boomer and Echo takes a closer look at how robo advisors help folks weather stock market downturns using technology. It’s an interesting concept, and it certainly helps to have even a digital reminder of the benefits of sticking to a plan, but I still think the robos are missing the boat here. I don’t care how good technology gets, a human is still going to be better at getting us to stick to the plan than software.

I think that’s all I’ve got this week. Tune in next week for my February stock watch list, looking at my utility risk holdings, and more.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

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