As the original content here at the ol’ FU machine slows from a trickle to potentially being blocked by kidney stones (finally, a urinary tract joke here at Financial Uproar), I figure I have two options. I can either post more or set you kids off in a different direction to read some folks who are absolutely killing it.

Laziness wins here usually, and today is no exception. But this kind of counts as new FU content, right? What if Italics Man showed up? God I hate that guy.

I figure I’ll divide this bad boy into different parts for the different types of blogs I’m following these days. Let’s start with the personal finance folks and move on from there.

Let me say before I start that I’ll likely be leaving out plenty of blogs I read and enjoy, but not with the same veracity as these ones. It’s a great time to be a finance aficionado. There are literally hundreds of blogs out there filled with useful information presented in a entertaining way.

Personal Finance

Some of these will combine personal finance with a little investing stuff. STAY IN YOUR LANE YOU RAT BASTARDS. Sorry, I have an anger problem.

Gen Y Money 

Gen Y Money is authored by a mid-30s anonymous author out of Vancouver, the former owner of Young and Thrifty and one of my original internet girlfriends. You may scoff at such a thing being juvenile and immature, but another one of my former internet girlfriends is now my wife. Seriously. Sorry, Gen Y Money but we’re sidetracking here. We’ll be back to you in a minute.

In 2012 I wrote the third post in an annual installment called Hot Finance Blogger Chicks, back when this blog was even creeper and more desperate than it is now. I became friends with one of the women featured and things went from there. We were dating a couple years later and have now been married for 3.5 years. How I managed to pull that off is beyond me. And since I don’t want to tell people how we really met, I just say “oh, we met online.” Which is a shame. I should tell that story!

Anyhoo, back to Gen Y Money. Somehow, after working a full-time job, being a mom to a toddler, and traveling a ton, she still has time to post some of the best finance content out there. She has solid net worth yet lives a pretty modest life, constantly watching her pennies despite being well on her way to becoming a millionaire. And that’s without her husband’s contribution, and I’m pretty sure that guy is loaded.

My Money Wizard

There are very few bloggers I’d encourage to quit their job and write full-time. I practically begged the guy behind My Money Wizard to do so in an email exchange we had a few months ago. Other bloggers are writing posts like 5 Ways to Save On Groceries (Use Coupons!) while he’s doing Build Wealth 6.5 Times Faster By Adding Compound Savings to Compound Interest. Which would you rather read? Exactly.

And this isn’t the same old content recycled with a sexy title, either. It’s consistently good stuff. MMW has the ability to look at personal finances in a unique way yet still distill it down to what’s really important.

Mr. Tako Escapes

There are two different types of financial independence blogs out there. The first clearly exists as a way to make money for the early retiree, and I follow very few of these. Oh, you travel hacked yourself a vacation and you just happen to write about it in a blog post with plenty of affiliate links? Oh, yeah, this is for my benefit.

Mr. Tako’s post-retirement life is delightfully normal in comparison. He eats most meals at home and spends time entertaining his kids. They travel a bit, but not much. Hey, the kids are in school. He keeps busy blogging, doing housework, and so on. It’s not nearly as sexy as living abroad or traveling a ton, but I enjoy it.

Mr. Tako’s investing posts are top notch, as are some of the recipes he posts. Perhaps his greatest talent is he doesn’t take any crap from commenters. I love it.

Asset-Based Life

Paul from Asset-Based Life might be the best personal finance blogger nobody reads. Or maybe people read him now, I dunno. He’s entertaining, funny, and every post is just dripping with nuggets of wisdom. And he recommended a delightfully cheesy magic show I saw last time I was in Vegas. Hell, he’s even invited me to visit on multiple occasions. I will take advantage of this in the most selfish way one day, by showing up at the airport unannounced and demanding he chauffeur my ass around. Paul will do it because he might be the perfect man.


This section will be longer. With the exception of the blogs featured in the first part of this, I just don’t read much personal finance stuff any longer. Sorry, guys. I just don’t need to.

Don’t Fuck With Donville

Let’s start with a recent new blog I discovered called Don’t Fuck With Donville. This guy is great. He’s a growth investor with preference with high ROE companies that have good growth potential, just like former hedge fund darling Jason Donville. He swears worse than I do (yes, it is possible), unabashedly drinks too much and partakes in some now legal whaccy tabaccy. It’s the funniest blog out there without the initials FU.


If you like contrarian thinking about all sorts of Canadian small-cap companies, Divestor is your place. He’s one of the best analysts out there. My only issue is his post frequency has dried up a bit over the last few months. COME ON MAN, I NEED MY FIX.

Canadian Value Stocks

There’s a reason why I was linking to Tyler every damn link dump. He finds cheap obscure companies and does an absurd amount of research on them. You can tell he’s legitimately interested in becoming the best investor he can be, rather than just trying to leverage this into a job or notoriety.

I’d like to sit and have a beer with everyone on this list, but Tyler would probably be #1. We’d geek out for hours and maybe I’d go in for a kiss during a particularly tender moment. WHATEVER GUYS IT’S 2019 WE’RE OKAY WITH THAT NOW.

Money Maaster

Big fan of Jordan’s despite his clear inability to spell master right. Wait I’m being told that’s actually his name. Nah, I’m not buying it. Change your name to something better, Jordan.

Jordan and I have a very similar investing strategy. We both insist on dividends, and both can even be talked into some of the better dividend growth names. But we both insist on getting decent value, too. There’s some overlap in our portfolios, and I often find myself interested in the names he discusses.

Dividend Growth Investor

DGI is one of the original dividend growth guys on the interwebz, blogging about his favorite kinds of stocks for longer than a decade now. He’s tremendously respected, and it’s easy to see why.

Much of his premium writing is now reserved for his newsletter subscribers, which is great for his business but a little sad for the rest of us cheap bastards who are too big of a tightwad to pay the very reasonable subscription fee. I can’t help but feel a little responsible for this; I encouraged the guy to start his newsletter for like a year before he finally got around to it. If you’re going to pay anyone for help, make it DGI.

I’d almost consider the guy a friend and I couldn’t tell you the first thing about him. The internet is a weird place sometimes.

Ian Bezek

Like DGI, Ian Bezek keeps a lot of his writing exclusive to paying customers, but he’s generous enough to keep a steady stream available to shlebs like me who get kicked out of exclusive clubs like Ian’s Insider Corner.

What I like best about Ian is his relentless skepticism and contrarian thinking. I remember first discovering him after he commented on some of the dividend growth articles on Seeking Alpha, basically saying that a lot of the dividend growth names were overvalued and you needed to be selective. And guess what? He was right!

He currently lives in Colombia, which I think gives him a pretty unique view on the world versus a U.S. or Canadian-based analyst. And he was kind enough to write about Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico, which is a fantastic growth stock in a terrific business. I bought it only because he brought it to my attention, and I’m up approximately 30% plus dividends.

Trapping Value

If you’re into distressed Canadian assets usually with big dividend yields (and really, who isn’t?), then Trapping Value is your man. He combines thoughtful analysis, subtle jokes, and just the right amount of snark into some of the best analysis out there. And he’s prolific, too. That dude churns out good stuff more often than I change my underpants.

That’s it, kids

You don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here.

Tell everyone, yo!