Just a short post today as I promise that FU will be back up to the usual posting schedule in a few weeks after my winter/spring project is finally coming to an end.

A few months ago I asked y’all if you wanted to hang out with THE MAN, THE MYTH and THE LEGEND, Nelson in Calgary. And people did want to hang out, which was pretty cool. Except it seemed like all of them were in the Toronto area. Thanks a lot, jerks.

Anyhoo, I’m planning a trip to Toronto to visit a buddy that lives in the area. So I’ll be in the city on June 4th to the 6th and I’d love the opportunity for you to buy me a meal┬áto meet some FU readers. We can talk about investing, running a blog, or how I manage to keep my physique so ripped.

If you want to arrange something either leave a comment here or fire me off an email (financialuproar (at) gmail) and we can work something out. No weirdos, please. Just kidding we’re all weirdos.

Seriously though don’t murder me.

Tell everyone, yo!