Aug 212014

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet Since last week went so well, here’s another post from Eddie. He blogs at Summaticus, which is worth a couple minutes of your time.  Every human being lives in a world governed by the laws, principles, and concepts of economics. Our lives are subject to the principle of scarcity, in that the earth only possesses limited resources to satisfy our infinite needs Read More [...]

Aug 202014

Tweet I stumbled upon an interesting article over at Seeking Alpha yesterday, talking about margin debt and how its growth nicely correlates with the stock market in general. Let’s steal a small part of his work. As you can see, the price of the S&P 500 and the level of margin debt have moved pretty much hand in hand throughout the whole chart. The author of the piece breaks it down even further, suggesting that most major stock market corrections were actually predicted by margin debt, which peaked a few Read More [...]

Aug 192014

Tweet As I’ve mentioned approximately 6,395 times before (author’s estimate, but I’m pretty sure it’s right), you need to read a ton if you’re going to be a successful investor. Personally, I read at least a couple hours a day, and maybe even more. I have a book that I’m working on (currently The Snowball, Warren Buffett’s biography, for the third time), I read Seeking Alpha and of course Motley Fool almost every day, and I cruise the interwebs for all sorts of interesting stuff. I also stumble upon interesting Read More [...]

Aug 182014

Tweet Remember the last time I told you kids to play a merger arbitrage? It was when Prem Watsa announced he was looking to take over BlackBerry at $9 (U.S.) per share. The stock traded at $8.02 at the time. And as we all know, the deal didn’t happen, sending shares reeling, all the way down to below $6 per share before finally recovering. It hit a high of $11.50 in July, before settling down into the $9.50-$10 range, where it sits today. Remember, these are all U.S. dollar prices. Related: Read More [...]

Aug 162014

Tweet I’m in the middle of launching something new. You’ll know more about it next week during the official premiere, which is enough of a tease for you to be interested, but not so much that you hate me. Financial Uproar usually walks that line, actually. Just look at the dick jokes. This project hasn’t required much in money (at least so far, it probably will later), but I’ve spent probably 20-30 hours going over the plans, setting things up, and so on. Throughout the process I’ve had doubts that Read More [...]

Aug 152014

Tweet A few months ago, right after I started writing full time for the Fool, I invested in a Globe and Mail Unlimited membership. It only cost a penny for the first three months, before jumping up to $19.99. I’ve gotten probably eight or ten ideas from reading about something in the Globe, so from that perspective, it’s probably been worth my time. Plus, I can write it off, since staying informed about the markets is a legitimate business expense. So I guess you could say I spend a bunch Read More [...]

Aug 142014

Tweet (Hey kids, Nelson here. I’m breaking my no guest posting policy for the day for Eddie, who blogs at Summaticus. No, not that Eddie. A different, better one. If you like the serious parts of Financial Uproar, I’m pretty sure you’ll like Summaticus. His full bio is at the bottom. Take it away, Ed-ster.) This article is a commentary based on the Forbes article written by Amy Leyishian. I am familiar with the Myers-Briggs test and was intrigued by this article. I have expanded on a few thoughts. Protectors Read More [...]

Aug 132014

Tweet If I had a crystal ball, I would probably be using it to predict more fun things than the stock market. Also, I’d be a gypsy, and nobody likes them. Not even gypsies like other gypsies. Now that we’ve concluded that I don’t definitively know that the market is going down, I think we’re in the beginning of that correction all the kids have been talking about. Bear markets don’t happen right away, but I think craziness from Russia/Ukraine  and weakness out of China will start to bring the Read More [...]

Aug 122014

Tweet If personal finance aficionados were in charge of the world, a LOT of things would be different. You guys have no idea. First, we’d all have separate savings accounts for travel. This would be mandated with all the enthusiasm of Brad Lamb shilling his latest condo development. The vacations wouldn’t *have* to be exotic, but you’d get mocked endlessly if you spent your travel fund  going to Saskatoon. Secondly, we’d all churn credit cards to get reward points, but only once our debt was paid off. Because, obvs. Y’know, see Read More [...]

Aug 112014

Tweet You all might not remember, but I wrote about Yellow Media back in 2011. The maker of the Yellow Pages was barely profitable, paying a hefty dividend (it was 20% at one point), and its debt load was bigger than my failure at Dance Dance Revolution at a Korean arcade the other night. It was not pretty. Me, I mean. But also the debt. I decided to avoid the stock, for those reasons, even going as far as taking a shot at it when I talked about stretching for Read More [...]