Jul 252014

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet Everyone wants to be a better investor, right? I’d probably rather be a better lover, but there’s no improving upon perfection. Or maybe I should improve my baseball throwing technique. ARE YOU SAYING I THROW LIKE A GIRL? It’s not my fault. My Dad can barely throw overhand. It’s true. He was a softball pitcher when he was younger, because apparently they Read More [...]

Jul 242014

Tweet It’s Thursday, which means it’s Vanessa time. Hey, at least somebody is writing in this thing.  If you read quality academic studies of economies under dictatorships, you’ll find that the economy generally falters. However, in the entirely unscientific survey that I took with my English class, 3/4 people think that the best way to grow an economy is by having an authoritative leader. THAT’S 75% OF ALL KOREANS! #stats “Surely she must be joking!” you’re all saying. “Dictators have terrible human right violation records and democracy is A+!” Yes, well, Read More [...]

Jul 222014

Tweet Because I am the opposite of cool, I used to spend more hours than I’d care to admit watching Star Trek. Oh lord, I can’t believe I admitted that to the whole internet. That sound you hear? That’s my girlfriend frantically packing her bags so she can leave forever. Can’t say I blame her. Time for an impromptu ranking of my favorite Treks? Don’t mind if I do. The Original Series – Shatner is kind of annoying, and the special effects are lame. Grade: B- The Next Generation – Read More [...]

Jul 212014

Tweet If you’re any kind of investor, you’ve got both Canadian and U.S. stocks. Having all your assets tied up in Canada is silly. What happens when Quebec finally gets the bomb? You know those crazy poutine eaters won’t hesitate to nuke Alberta and then try to ride in and take the oil. They won’t succeed because MURICA will beat their asses to it, but still. It’s fun that they try. Of course, the real reason why you shouldn’t have all your investments in Canadian dollars is because our economy Read More [...]

Jul 202014

Tweet Well kids, it’s official. Remember that thing I’ve been talking about off and on for the last two months (plug time? YOU KNOW IT) that you’re probably really tired of? Well, you’re in luck. Because as your eyeballs move across the screen, my eyeballs will be thirty-some thousand feet in the air. And the rest of me too, I suppose. My flight was leaving early in the morning, so I was just going to pull an all-nighter at the airport, which is probably at least in the top 5 Read More [...]

Jul 182014

Tweet Let me start this post with a statement that even the dullest of you can get behind. Playing the lottery is a colossally bad idea. Say you’re playing Canada’s most popular lottery, Lotto 6-49. As the namesake implies, you’d have to match the six chosen numbers out of the first 49 numbers to win the grand prize. Usually this grand prize ranges from a couple million bucks to occasionally 50 million or more. Since the Canadian government is kind enough not to tax lottery winners, the lucky moron who picked Read More [...]

Jul 172014

Tweet Vanessa is off today. She’ll be back next week. You guys must think that I’ve officially gone off the deep end. Yesterday I tell you about a mutual fund manager who hammers the market on a regular basis, and today I talk about investing in mutual funds. But you’ve always assumed mutual funds are bad. That’s what the couch potato guy told you, and you all listen to him like he’s some sort of person to be worshipped, like that all powerful ape on the planet of said animals. Read More [...]

Jul 162014

Tweet We all hate mutual funds, right? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Blog genies, can we put a picture of a ferocious tiger or something here, maybe RIPPING THE FLESH off a dead gazelle? Not sure that’s what we were going for, but it’s the internet. We can’t take it off. Anyway, we all hate mutual funds as much as that cat hates that bear. The reasons have been repeated at least a couple times, but let’s review them again. The fees are too high. Fund managers say they can beat the market, when Read More [...]

Jul 152014

Tweet In just a few days, I get on a small airplane and then a REALLY big airplane to head to some country on the other side of the ocean. You might remember me talking about it about once a week, in a not-so-thinly veiled attempt to make y’all jealous. I can only assume it’s working, since one of you egged my car last night. The cops are on it, so you might as well just confess now. A couple of months ago when I announced this, friend of the Read More [...]

Jul 142014

Tweet I turned 31 a couple of weeks ago, meaning I’ve officially completed 30 trips around the sun. I’d like to say those 30 trips were glorious and filled with more life lessons than a decade of manning the patent office with Einstein, but they weren’t. Hell, I probably squandered a whole half dozen of those trips on stupid crap like video games, golf, and learning how to juggle. It took far more hours that I’d care to admit to learn how to throw 3 balls at the same time. Most of my Read More [...]