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Jan 302015

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet (Image credit) Recently, our BOY PK from Don’t Quit Your Day Job bought an interesting article to my attention, about some Toronto-based homebuyers who got “screwed” buying a pre-sale condo. And by “screwed”, I mean “the builder exercised his legal rights.” Back in 2011, buddy decided to put down $40,000 on a 1 bedroom (plus den, AKA sex dungeon) condo in downtown Read More […]

Jan 282015

Tweet Unless you’re the doctor from the moron doctor and dentist story from last week, you probably plan on retiring at some point in the future. Some of you might be interested in doing it at 30, while others are interested in doing it by 70. I’m thinking as life expectancies continue to go up, most of the people reading this will be working into their 70s. Not necessarily because they have to, but because the average life expectancy will approach 100. Even if you can afford to retire at Read More […]

Jan 262015

Tweet Well kids, you knew the day would come. I’m leaving you all forever to hunt tigers in the Peruvian jungle. Are there even tigers in that particular jungle? I don’t know. I’m not much of a details guy. Okay, that’s not true. I’m not leaving you guys. Financial Uproar will continue to be here on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday (sometimes weekends too!), but in a slightly different form than before. Here’s the deal: there are plenty of people who enjoy coming here for the personal finance stuff, but just Read More […]

Jan 232015

Tweet Normally when it comes to the world of investing, YOUR BOY Nelly follows a similar pattern. Finds undervalued stock Does research, including writing down my thoughts for y’all Buys some, but also keeps some dry powder just in case it drops more Patiently twiddles thumbs until it goes up Sell when it hits the target price Step 4 is the hard part, since it often takes years before a stock starts to go up. Remember Reitmans, the stock I’ve been talking about since May of 2013? It was basically dead Read More […]

Jan 212015

Tweet Every week, the Globe and Mail features some family in need of financial planning advice. The submissions are usually pretty straightforward. Retirement questions are common, especially trying to figure out if a couple has enough to make it happen. Younger folks generally ask about buying a house, especially in overvalued markets like Toronto or Vancouver. And so on. But last week’s submission takes the cake. It is the greatest thing I have ever read. No time for more preamble, there’s a lot of mocking up ahead. (Edit: it has Read More […]

Jan 192015

Tweet Because hey, we haven’t done one of these in a while. I’ve had a busy last few weeks, heading back from Korea to Canada to see the family, take care of a few things, and mostly to skirt Korean immigration laws. FINE KOREA I’LL LEAVE WHEN YOU WANT ME TO GEEZ. It’s a good think you have the power to punish me. If you ever have the longing desire to feel wanted, go back home after being gone for a few months, especially if you still have lots of Read More […]

Jan 152015

Tweet As they say, history often repeats itself. Hitler is literally being born again as you read this. Try and act surprised in about 40 years. A lot people turn to historical trends when it comes to solving problems. At work, you talk to the old crusty guy who was around back when Agnes was typing up crap on a typewriter. When faced with all sorts of problems, folks under 40 ask their parents because apparently they know it all. Even new parents consult books written by doctors and other Read More […]

Jan 132015

Tweet Because I’ve already pissed off debt bloggers, The Simple Dollar, index investors, my girlfriend 18 times today, 52% of the population of Winnipeg, Manitoba, and everyone’s ears when I belt out You Belong With Me by Taylor Swift, why not include life insurance agents on the list? You know the expression “everything looks like a nail when all you have is a hammer?” That’s exactly how folks who sell life insurance are. I’ve met some of these people and they’re all generally pretty nice, but the fact remains that Read More […]

Jan 082015

Tweet Oh hey, it’s the Financial Uproar fund of FUN. Are you all literally grinning like this guy right now? Okay, maybe not. When we last visited the Uproar Fund, the value of it had declined approximately 1%, on account of it only having three positions and being approximately 75% cash. That’s slowly changing, as you’ll see. I’m rapidly getting to the point where the fund only has 60% cash. It’s so exciting. Let’s go through each holding individually, taking a closer look at each individually. The results are as Read More […]

Jan 052015

Tweet For the last 4 years, I’ve hosted some of the best personal finance/investing blogs (and Financial Uproar) for a little stock picking contest. I once promised chips to the winner, but like that ever happened. So instead they get a ridiculously terrible prize, like a slightly used tube of Aim Toothpaste, specifically the one I keep around to clean my headlights. We had our first lady winner of the contest last year, once and for all proving to all the men’s rights advocates that it’s officially no longer a Read More […]