What’s all the commotion? One could almost call it an uproar…

See what I did there? It’s funny, see, because you’re on Financial Uproar.

Okay, that’s not funny. Sorry.

My name is Nelson, and I’m the guy around here. I wanted to do some sort of big event for debuting this blog. I wanted to give out free stuff, but my cheapness won out. I wanted scantily clad models, but it turns out that any women worth ogling won’t come anywhere near me. I wanted a piece on CNBC or BNN. It turns out that everything else in the entire world is more important.

So instead you get this poorly written introductory post. Sorry about your luck.

I know what you’re thinking. I know you have questions. You’re wondering who I am. You’re wondering what exactly qualifies me to write a blog. And why this blog? Why yet another financial blog?

When I first started this blog, I was a real estate agent/mortgage broker, and a pretty terrible one at that. I didn’t have a whole lot of business, so I started organizing my thoughts semi-coheriently on the internet for something to do. About six months after that, I quit the business for good, moving onto being a potato chip salesman.

I did that for more than three years, with much more success. It was a fun job, but my attention span is short. Plus, it didn’t help that I met a girl. That’ll send you for a loop, whatever that means. We decided to take a bit of an adventure together, leading to moving to South Korea, where we currently live. It’s an interesting place, and I think it’s been infinitely valuable to me to get out of my comfort zone.

These days, I freelance write to pick up a few extra bucks, with the majority of my writing showing up on Motley Fool Canada. I’ve been featured on other websites as well, like The Globe and Mail, CTV News, Reader’s Digest, Lifehacker, and Seeking Alpha, just to name a few. I’ve guest posted and written for dozens of blogs across the finance blogosphere.

So does that qualify me to have a financial blog? I dunno. What I do know is that I took a year off work and my net worth will probably go up in the process, even after spending money traveling. So, yeah, I think I know a thing or two about money.

I suppose I should include a picture, huh? Here’s me with a beard and a snake. No, not that kind of snake.


Get a haircut, you hippie!


Here at Financial Uproar, I have one stated goal — to make you richer. Well, that, and to make you laugh, preferably with me and not at me. You won’t see anything about the basics of finance here, since I already assume you have that stuff down. Instead, we’ll focus on the other stuff, like your investments, making money on the side, picking stocks, and so on. I have a distinct value style, constantly looking to buy a dollar’s worth of assets for fifty cents. If that kind of thing floats your boat, stick around for a while. I think you’ll enjoy it here.

I’m on Twitter, so go ahead and follow me there. (financialuproar) You’ll be surprised at how witty I can be in less than 140 characters. I also have a Facebook page, which you can access here. I’m also on Google+, even though nobody likes Google+.

You can also email me direct at financialuproar [at] gmail [dot] com. Or you can just scroll up to the top of the page and use the contact me button. Either or, it goes to the same place.

I’d be more happy than a pizza delivery boy going to a bored housewife’s place if you stuck around and read some of my best stuff. Here’s a quick sample.

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There’s more, of course. Some of it is even good. There’s a random selection of posts over on the right sidebar, or you can click on the categories link and find something that you’re interested in, I’m sure.

Once again, thanks for visiting. I appreciate it.