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Jun 192015

Tweet I was talking to a guy recently about his investments, because that’s apparently what I do now. We spoke for a little while about his mutual funds, (which, as you can expect, were terrible and expensive), before he dropped the bombshell on me. It turns out he has a not insignificant position in precious metals, particularly silver. Here’s pretty much how the conversation went: “You own silver? Like, a silver stock, or mutual fund?” “No, actual silver. Little bars of it.” “What do you do, keep it in your Read More […]

Jun 152015

Tweet Greatest things in the world, ranked: 3. Orgasms 2. Sitting 1. Passive income* *Your experiences may vary. Or not. What do I care? Wait. I forgot cheeseburgers. Can we start over? In the world of financial blog land, passive income is pretty much the holy grail. For those of us who are past the student loan/paying off the credit cards stage, we’re almost universally looking for investments that pay us each month, quarter, or year. We all have different ways to do this. Some are dependent on real estate, Read More […]

Jun 082015

Tweet While at the used bookstore the other week, I stumbled upon this old book by noted Canadian real estate bear Garth Turner, all about the upcoming retirement crisis. According to Turner, by 2015 the Canadian Pension Plan would be bankrupt, and Canadians would be forced to rely solely on their own savings to enjoy a retirement not filled with dumpster diving or their son’s spare bedroom. Obviously, Turner got that prediction wrong. It’s now 2015, and the CPP is in pretty good shape. In fact, the CPP looks like Read More […]

Jun 032015

Tweet I’m convinced that the financial industry is out to scare people into submission. How many times have you heard about the upcoming retirement CRISIS? BABY BOOMERS AREN’T SAVING ENOUGH, the scary voice on TV says. They have to get their act together NOW, or else they’re stuck with a terrible retirement of cat food and staying in their son’s spare bedroom. Those types of articles/news stories are everywhere. Because of that, the apparent desire for everyone to hang up the skates at 50 even though they’ll probably live until Read More […]

Jun 022015

Tweet The ol’ Financial Uproar machine was a little sparse last week, on account of me FINALLY GETTING A LIFE AND SOME FRIENDS GOD I HATE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Okay, that’s not so true. I was moving my things from my parents’ garage into a more permanent living situation. Hell, I even embraced minimalism for a little while there, because really, I’m sick of my useful and nice things keeping me down. DAMN YOU TO HELL, THINGS. The living room at our new place. Really #blessed that I discovered Read More […]

May 282015

Tweet   Around here, we try to look at things a little differently than the masses. It’s not that the masses are stupid, or necessarily wrong, it’s just that they’re a little lazy. Especially when it comes to investing. So instead of people knowing the companies in their portfolio inside and out, we have a world where people will invest in a company based on a Twitter conversation or a Reddit post. I don’t think those people have any business investing in individual stocks, but hey. I’ll be a little patient Read More […]

May 252015

Tweet Because I like to procrastinate, I spend a bit of time on The Reddit. I follow such subreddits as the one that asks celebrities somewhat interesting questions, the one that lets people brag about the volume of their video game collection, and the one that the one that hates cops/Comcast/pro-lifers/anti-gays/Wal-Mart. Oh wait. That last one is all of Reddit, probably because someone over 40 there is about as uncommon as a taxi driver who isn’t trying to rip you off. No wonder Uber is kicking their ass. I also Read More […]

May 062015

Tweet Last week, Twitter was all, uh, atwitter, about Royal Bank increasing its bank fees. Some of the changes which go into effect on June 1st include: If you use up your free monthly debits (raised from 10 to 12), you’ll have to pay a fee to pay your mortgage, car loan, or any other loan automatically taken out of your account. That fee is from $2-$5 per transaction If you have a kids or student account, this fee is $1 Seniors now have to be 65 to qualify for Read More […]

May 012015

Tweet Here in Canuckistan (that’s what I call Canada as long as Harper is in charge, says a crazy person) we have a pretty sweet existence. Health care is both bountiful and free, and is sometimes administered by sexy nurses. Spring is here, which means we can temporarily forget about how winter crushes our soul for nine ten fourteen months of the year. Lousy Smarsh weather indeed. But there’s one thing that’s eluded Canadians for years, and I’m not talking about the pronunciation of aboot. We just haven’t been able Read More […]

Apr 292015

Tweet The biggest ripoffs, in the world, ranked: 5. Movie theatre popcorn (whatever, still buying it) 4. Paying for data or text messages when you’re in Murica 3. Starbucks 2. Scented candles (come on SHEEPLE. Lights exist) 1. Converting Canadian Dollars to U.S. Dollars The last one is what really gets me. To exchange Canadian Dollars to U.S. Dollars, guys like me have to go down to the bank, feign being interested in conversation with the lady working there, and then pay a 1.5% fee for the privilege of getting Read More […]