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Feb 252015

Tweet Even in 2015, just about every newscast, online story, or random mutterings (my favorite kind of mutterings) about the general stock market always starts off with the Dow Jones Industrial Average, usually followed up by the S&P 500, and then the Nasdaq Composite. Although the S&P 500 index fund (NYSE:SPY) dwarfs the size of the equivalent Dow Jones product (NYSE:DIA) to the tune of a $194 billion market cap to $12 billion, the Dow is still the goto index. People still talk about the Dogs of the Dow as Read More […]

Feb 232015

Tweet Allow me to start off this post with a sweeping statement on gender equality politics, something that has never been a bad idea in the history of ever. The only reason why Men’s Rights is a thing is because Feminism has become a parody of itself. Feminism ran out of real issues years ago, so now they focus on stupid crap like manspreading, “mansplaining”, and pushing campus rape statistics that don’t even hold up to rational thought, let alone any empirical research. And while we’re at it, LOL at Read More […]

Feb 112015

Tweet Whenever somebody talks about the cost of going to college, the following factors get thrown around: Tuition Books Food A lurve shack for all the ladies out there Transportation Moving expenses A laptop Approximately 61,583 cans of your finest, cheapest beer Up in Canada, all that adds up to between $15,000 and $20,000 per year, give or take a few bucks. You can save money by going to a cheaper city, because we all know it costs less to live in Halifax than it does Toronto or Vancouver. Or Read More […]

Feb 092015

Tweet My Dad likes to tell a story about when he was a wee lad, back in the 1890s. My Dad is old. No, it was the 1960s. He had a school project where he was supposed to make a prediction for the future. Apparently he had just finished watching an episode of The Jetsons, because his idea was a little out there. He predicted that his classmates would live to see a day where we could have phone conversations over video. The class laughed at him, but in his Read More […]

Feb 042015

Tweet You’ve never heard of Grace Groner? Geez, what’s wrong with you? I SAID GRONER, NOT GROANER. No, that joke’s not a groaner. It’s a moaner. Anyhoo, here’s the story on Grace Groner. She was born in 1907, and was orphaned when she was 12, probably because her old man caught syphilis. Some nice guy in town took her and her sister in, and paid for them to go to college. Both ladies graduated in 1931, right when I’m sure job prospects were swell. In 1935, Grace bought 3 shares Read More […]

Feb 022015

Tweet There’s a large subsection of the Canadian population who believe that the Canada Pension Plan won’t be around when it’s time for them to retire. Thus, retirement projections for years have told people to save enough so CPP isn’t needed. But is that really prudent? On the one hand, it’s smart to plan for all sorts of contingencies. There are going to be all sorts of curveballs that come up in your life between now and crapping your pants in a nursing home, and having extra money is a Read More […]

Jan 282015

Tweet Unless you’re the doctor from the moron doctor and dentist story from last week, you probably plan on retiring at some point in the future. Some of you might be interested in doing it at 30, while others are interested in doing it by 70. I’m thinking as life expectancies continue to go up, most of the people reading this will be working into their 70s. Not necessarily because they have to, but because the average life expectancy will approach 100. Even if you can afford to retire at Read More […]

Jan 152015

Tweet As they say, history often repeats itself. Hitler is literally being born again as you read this. Try and act surprised in about 40 years. A lot people turn to historical trends when it comes to solving problems. At work, you talk to the old crusty guy who was around back when Agnes was typing up crap on a typewriter. When faced with all sorts of problems, folks under 40 ask their parents because apparently they know it all. Even new parents consult books written by doctors and other Read More […]

Dec 312014

Tweet It’s New Year’s Eve Eddie, which is exactly the same as regular Eddie.  Last week (sort of) we were introduced to the three distinct personalities within a small business owner: the Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur. This was based on Michael Gerber’s immensely popular book The E-Myth Revisited. I espoused the sentiment that once the Technician and Manager roles have been sufficiently cultivated, one should grow and develop the Entrepreneur, which is difficult given the paucity of useful references and the glut of vacuous PF blogs. The Entrepreneur is arguably the Read More […]

Dec 292014

Tweet Because those of us who write a lot of stuff are inevitably lazy, you’re likely seeing a lot of 2015 predictions come forth. “Why X stock will be ZOMG in 2015!” “Why oil will continue to be weak in 2015!” “Why Y stock will continue to suck in 2015!” Let me tell you guys a secret. In today’s world of click-baity headlines and short attention spans, most people can’t even be bothered to read an entire 600 word article. The internet is full of so much stuff that we Read More […]