Sep 182014

Tweet It’s Thursday, which means it’s your weekly helping of Eddie. No, you cannot have seconds. He blogs here.  Every few months, I spend several minutes reading several PF blogs, also known as my competitors. It never ceases to amaze me at the level of groupthink prevalent in the PF community. The most common elements encountered in terms of this phenomenon are: Banks are out to steal your money Only get a no-fee credit card Index investing is the best and really the only way to invest in the equity Read More [...]

Sep 162014

Tweet Of course, you probably don’t know anything about penny stocks anyway, so it’s okay. I’m here to educate you, young grasshopper. When you think of penny stocks, you’re probably thinking about something like this: These are the classic pump and dump schemes, which go a little something like this: Dirtbags identify a small company with a compelling story. They slowly buy a stake in said company for a few thousand bucks. Then they use guys like Eric Dickson up there to promote the hell out of this “great opportunity” Read More [...]

Sep 112014

Tweet It’s Thursday! Thursday! Thursday! So it’s Eddie! Eddie! Eddie! Here’s his Blog! Blog! Blog! In my last post, we were introduced to the concept of the Black Swan, which is a highly impactful event outside the realm of normal expectations, and can only be explained in hindsight. The author of the book from where this idea originates, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, professes that humanity ignores Black Swans to devastating consequences, especially in the financial world. He cites numerous stock market crashes and financial meltdowns that have erased billions of dollar Read More [...]

Sep 092014

Tweet Back in the day, I wrote why Warren Buffett would be a bad personal finance blogger. If I recall correctly, it was one of those posts that I thought would be important and go over well, but bombed with all of one comment. (Edit: nope, five! whole comments. Not bad) Not that the number of comments that a blog post gets is important, but still. I don’t think people got it. I’ll save you the trouble of clicking back. Buffett would make a terrible personal finance blogger because he Read More [...]

Sep 082014

Tweet AND THE PLAYERS GONNA PLAY PLAY PLAY PLAY AND THE HATERS GONNA HATE HATE HATE HATE. Sorry, got a little distracted there. What are we gonna talk about today? (Scrolls up) OHGODOHGODOHGODOHGOD! No, that’s not true at all. Today’s post is gonna be a good one. It might even encourage a few amateur landlords (i.e. people with one or two condos in Toronto/Mississauga/other Toronto suburbs) to sell their units and do this instead. Unless they’re angling on the I’m gonna sleep with my tenant thing. Sure, that’s not gonna Read More [...]

Sep 042014

Tweet It’s Thursday, so it’s Eddie time. He blogs at Summaticus, and in all of our hearts.  In 2007, a former derivatives trader, professor, and thinker named Nassim Nicholas Taleb wrote a book called The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable. It is a book about an event that Taleb refers to as a Black Swan. In yesteryear, humans thought that all swans were white, as they have never seen that particular bird of a different colour. However, the conventional wisdom of all swans being white was shattered Read More [...]

Sep 032014

Tweet The year was 2013. Nelson was still a chip guy, instead of being scared to go outside in the rain. Nelson was single, because, well, throughout his life at that point it would have been a pretty good guess. And Nelson wrote this massively long piece outlining why he thought Canada was in a giant real estate bubble. To this day it remains one of my more popular posts, at least judging from the number of you guys who left a comment. But I didn’t just go as far Read More [...]

Aug 282014

Tweet The continuation of last week’s harrowing tale on assets, as told by Eddie, Financial Uproar’s new Thursday guy (with a little help from Nelson). He’s here every week now, probably until death. I do not screw around with contracts.  Last week we talked about types of assets, differentiating between productive and non-productive. Essentially, productive assets pay you to own them (dividend stocks, investment real estate, etc.), while non-productive do end up going up in value but don’t pay you to own them (like stocks that don’t pay dividends, or Read More [...]

Aug 262014

Tweet Gather round kids, it’s story time. There won’t be snacks, mostly because there isn’t a way to deliver such things over the internet. Amazon is working on it, but there won’t be an accurate computer-to-computer potato chip drone system until 2016 at the earliest, so we’ll have to continue living like savages. Back when I was in Canada and I actually drove, I hit a hell of a pothole, which ripped a small hole in the side of one of my tires. I took it to the shop hoping for Read More [...]

Aug 212014

Tweet Since last week went so well, here’s another post from Eddie. He blogs at Summaticus, which is worth a couple minutes of your time.  Every human being lives in a world governed by the laws, principles, and concepts of economics. Our lives are subject to the principle of scarcity, in that the earth only possesses limited resources to satisfy our infinite needs and desires. At a microeconomic level, a person has a limited amount of capital to satisfy their needs, wants, and aspirations. Therefore, we must hone our decision-making Read More [...]