Apr 172014

Tweet These days, it’s probably the best time in history to be born without a penis. Women are free to choose any path they’d like, a privilege really only granted over the last generation. Women can have all the casual relations they’d like, with minimal consequences. Women are buying houses and making all sorts of other large decisions without having a partner. A woman is more likely to have a university education. And so on. And yet, we still have a gender pay gap. Only 5% of the 500 largest Read More [...]

Apr 112014

Tweet There are at least a billion (not even close, but let’s go with it) old posts in my archives, and nobody ever bothers to read them. They get lonely all tucked away down there. So every Friday afternoon, you’re all going to be treated to a blast from the past. Take it away, guy who used to be me. First off, a disclaimer before we start. Well, sort of. I really don’t care for finance blog posts that get political. There’s a couple of reasons for this. First off, I’m Read More [...]

Apr 112014

Tweet I have a theory that a full 95% of people who live in large cities don’t bother to take advantage of the amenities that city has to offer. Take, for example, the handsome devil writing this post. HEY THAT’S ME! (fist pumps) I enjoy having access to all the stores I could ever want and a whole bunch of different food choices, even if those choices will eventually cripple me and I just go to the same pizza place I went to last week. They have breadsticks. It’s Little Read More [...]

Apr 102014

Tweet Excuse me for a minute, I’m just going to rip off a lot of this post from the Globe and Mail, the fine place of journalistic integrity that managed to convince me to pay for unlimited access like some sort of chump and/or chumpette. It’s about value investing, because everything around here is about value investing. And boobs. (You might not be able to access that without a membership to that particular website. Sucka.) Don’t worry, I’ll quote enough of it to you to get the gist. Study after Read More [...]

Apr 102014

Tweet Like a lot of you, I’m a fan of CBC’s hit show Dragon’s Den. I’m such a fan that I once snuck in and watched them filming an episode. Spoiler alert: it was hi-larious. Everyone was walking around in their underpants. Water guns were being squirted. People’s faces were meeting pies. It was exactly what you’d expect from a Three Stooges episode. No, it wasn’t. I largely made up that last paragraph for your comedic amusement. I know. You are SHOCKED. As the show has evolved, various wealthy people Read More [...]

Apr 092014

Tweet Each year, millions of American consumers decide it’s fun to get up at 3am after eating their Thanksgiving turkey, and camp out for two hours to save $150 on a TV. Yes, I’m talking about Black Friday, which is enough of a thing that every single personal finance blogger in the world came out and said how stupid it is, even though spending two hours in line to save $150 is a pretty effective use of your time if you were going to buy a TV anyway. Don’t mind Read More [...]

Apr 042014

Tweet Well, it’s Friday morning and I’m running a little behind. So instead of a brand new post, you get this one recycled from December, 2010. That was a while ago, and I bet even if you’ve already read it, you won’t remember. So sit back, relax, and arouse your eyeballs. It’s on entitlement. — My buddy Andrew Hallam posted an absolutely terrific post on entitlement called The Toughest Financial Challenge of All. It’s the best post I’ve read on the subject since, well, ever. While Andrew’s post focuses on the children of Read More [...]

Mar 312014

Tweet A few weeks ago, a piece by a journalist forced to take a $10 per hour job working at an unnamed sporting goods store started making the rounds on the internet. The piece, titled My Life As A Retail Worker: Nasty, Brutish and Poor, outlined the struggles the writer had adjusting from a lifetime of working as a journalist to being forced to take a retail job. The job at the sporting goods store (it’s pretty obviously Dick’s, so let’s just go with that) was physically draining, unchallenging mentally, Read More [...]

Mar 282014

Tweet Often, I’ll see people proclaim that they’d love to save up enough for a house and pay for it in cash. I assume they mean cutting a cheque for the thing and not bringing a suitcase full of $20s to the showing, which would be awkwardly hilarious. Can you imagine? Buyer: Oh, I can afford it. Take a look at this. (Opens briefcase, reveals neat rows of $20s) Realtor: Uh, thanks. But I said I believed you. Honestly, I don’t really care, as long as someone is willing to Read More [...]

Mar 252014

Tweet I am 99% sure that picture is photoshopped, but I just can’t be 100% sure because Vladimir Putin is such a badass. Admit it, you wouldn’t be entirely surprised if you discovered Putin regularly rode bears for fun. It’s Russia day here at Financial Uproar! Look for another post later on today on the country, with only a minimal mention of their lovely ladies or vodka. I’ve already got the “in Soviet Russia” joke out of the way, which actually has its own Wikipedia page. In Soviet Russia, Wikipedia Read More [...]

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