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Mar 012013

Tweet Back in 2012, entrepreneurs Larry Finnson and Chris Emery braved the Dragon’s Den looking for an investment in their fledgling chocolate candy business. Their company was called OMGs, which I’m pretty sure doesn’t stand for Oregon Mexican Gunk, because nobody would want to eat that. Their candy is chocolate mixed with graham clusters, toffee and nuts, and I can attest it is delicious. Arlene Dickinson ended up investing in the company. I’d embed the clip so you can watch the pitch, but CBC won’t let me. The best I Read More […]

Jan 202012

Tweet As I’ve alluded to approximately 2,355 times over the past few weeks, I’ve got some holidays coming. I’m kind of excited about them, can you tell? I’ve narrowed my choices down to just a few – Orlando, Las Vegas, and a resort vacation to Mexico have made it to my all important top 3. I’m leaning towards Vegas, mostly because I figure it’ll offer the most fun for a guy who is travelling alone. This is where you all feel sorry for me not having a girlfriend. I’ve been Read More […]

Sep 062011

Tweet This post is going to be about ice cream. Well, sort of. Do not try to eat your computer monitor. I don’t know about you guys, but I am a big fan of ice cream. It doesn’t really matter what kind it is, I’ll eat the crap out of it. Because of this sickness, I’m at the local Dairy Queen eating a blizzard about once a week. Yeah, I know, that’s probably not the wisest thing for a recovering fat guy to do, but stuff is okay in moderation, Read More […]

Aug 072011

Tweet I went to Wal-Mart last night to buy some toilet paper. You see, I’m just like you! We’re relatable! You frugalites (is that even a word?) aren’t going to like this, but I buy the nice toilet paper. It’s the BMW of ass wipe. It’s the creme de la creme of sh*t tickets. It’s Proctor and Gamble’s very own premium brand Charmin. The reasoning behind my extravagance is relatively simple. I don’t want to wipe with scratchy toilet paper. This may be too much detail, but I do not want Read More […]

May 102011

Tweet I spent the day yesterday hanging out at my parents’ house, waiting around for Telus to show up to replace their modem. I waited patiently until 4:30, then I got on the phone to ask Telus if someone was actually going to show up. I was assured that someone was. It’s close to midnight as I type this, and my parents are still waiting for someone to show up. It’s the easiest fix ever, all they need is a new modem. (I took my modem over so my Dad Read More […]

Apr 142011

Tweet I’m not sure where this infographic originally came from, but it’s pretty good. The main factors are cramming more seats on an airplane (148 to 128 for a conventional airline) using smaller and cheaper airports and being more efficient in both their staffing costs and their fleet. Flying and airlines have almost become commoditized businesses. People want to get to wherever they’re going, with the least amount of hassle, at the cheapest price. An example: I went with a buddy to Las Vegas last year for his bachelor party. Read More […]

Nov 232010

Tweet When getting gas today I drove past three other gas stations to get to my preferred gas station. Do I like this place because of the convenience store, the level of service or even the rewards I get for filling up there? The biggest reason why I fuel up where I do is because they were one of the first to get the pumps that allow you to pay with your credit card at the pump. I don’t want to deal with gas station staff. When I go to Read More […]

Jul 272010

Tweet Check out this great graphic from the Huffington Post on bottled water: I have a bit of a confession to make. I drink bottled water all the time. It’s just so darn convenient. I’m drinking a bottle of water as I type this post. Whenever I’m thirsty, or I have to take some water with me to go play sports, it’s just so easy to grab a bottle or two out of the fridge. I don’t have to worry about filling up a water bottle or washing that water bottle. Read More […]

Jun 032010

Tweet Today I decided I was going to wash my car. I know, I’m such a rebel! As I washed the car, I looked around at the bay. The car wash had basically two pieces of marketing around. The first was the claim that warm water came out of the pressure washer. The second was that you got more time for your buck compared to the other car washes in town. One thought entered my head as I saw their attempts to woo customers- How lame. I can’t get too Read More […]

Feb 082010

Tweet There are 3 grocery stores in the town I live in. One is a discount chain, complete with the crappy lighting, a lack of tills open and a generally bad shopping experience. Their attitude can almost be described as “You’re lucky we’re even open”. Recently, they decided that dragging grocery carts back into the store from outside was a waste of time. So they stopped doing it. One is a very average store in every single conceivable way. It’s not a big store, yet is isn’t a small store Read More […]