Apr 202014

Tweet I touched on this a couple of weeks ago when I ragged on Coke’s excessive executive compensation plan, but I really think investing in Coke is pretty much the epitome of what’s wrong with the retail investor. I see the same arguments thrown out there every week. Coke is a world class business. Coke is loved by millions. Coke has predictable cash flows, and so on. And most importantly, every consumer on the planet is familiar with the brand. I get all that. And I wouldn’t be opposed to Read More [...]

Apr 062014

Tweet The people I follow on Twitter are divided approximately as follows: 50% other finance bloggers/people 10% random celebrities 10% people who crack me up 30% sports bloggers One of the sports bloggers I follow started tweeting about this 2048 game, created by some 19 year-old Italian kid. I resisted for weeks, before I was finally sucked into the void. The whole point of the game is to match numbers so they double, starting with 2 and eventually getting your way up to 2048. And once you try once, you Read More [...]

Mar 162014

Tweet Oh baby, what an interesting week. Unlike all those other boring ass weeks where the most exciting thing that happens is when you go to Chipolte. Let’s talk about Crimea first. I understand why the Russians are making sure this referendum happen, in a lame attempt to legitimize the whole operation there. But it seems to me that the majority of people there are ethnic Russians, and would support joining Russia even if all this stuff didn’t happen. So why wouldn’t Putin have just worked behind the scenes to Read More [...]

Mar 022014

Tweet HEY! YOU! PAY ATTENTION! If you’re signed up to my mailing list, you should know I’m switching things up a little. Instead of getting a short snippet each time I publish something new, we’re going to switch to sending something once or twice a week – Mondays and/or Fridays – depending on how much I’ve published during the week. If you’d like to continue receiving every post via email, go ahead and click this bad boy here. There you’ll have the option of subscribing via your favorite RSS reader Read More [...]

Jan 192014

Tweet It’s been almost a year since I dropped 1200 bucks on a MacBook Pro, the laptop guaranteed to make all of your non-sexual dreams come true. ™ And because I am an egotistical blogger who needs to let you chumps my precious readers know every single thought that goes through my head – no matter how inconsequential – here are my thoughts on buying one, a year later. DON’T DO IT. Okay, that’s a bit of a stretch. Overall, I am happy with my laptop. There are a few Read More [...]

Jan 052014

Tweet It’s been a month, I guess I should have one of these, huh? Stay tuned for tomorrow, where we look at everyone’s picks for the annual stock picking contest. But first, enjoy this filler. It’s like the pink goo in the middle of Chicken McNuggets, except my filler is actually edible. HOLY CRAP WHAT A FOOTBALL GAME YESTERDAY. The Chiefs haven’t been this bummed out since Jovan Belcher decided his brain was better off outside his skull. Andrew Luck threw about 20 picks, dusted himself off, and then marched Read More [...]

Dec 012013

Tweet It was Black Friday just a couple days ago, internet, and I for one couldn’t be happier! Okay, that’s not really true. I didn’t go out and take advantage of any deals. I did browse some of the online sales, but didn’t really find anything that satisfied my hankering for cool stuff. I’m not in the market for a new TV, or a new laptop, or some crummy tablet running Microsoft’s version of trying to be Apple. It wasn’t that I didn’t care about Black Friday, I just didn’t Read More [...]

Nov 172013

Tweet (Door flies open) WHOO KIDS I’M BACK DUMPING ON SUNDAY MORNING THE MAN COULDN’T KEEP ME DOWN NO MATTER HOW HARD HE TRIED!!!!! Yes, I’m reviving the Sunday Morning Dumps. Screw what I said before, you should all know that I am not to be trusted. I’m a bigger double crosser than your favorite WWE foe who used to be a good guy. Dammit, I said double crosser, not cross dresser. Come on now. The format is going to be a little different, partially because I was bored of Read More [...]

Oct 212013

Tweet So kids, what’s happening tonight? Are you gonna watch the Colorado Avalanche play the Pittsburgh Penguins like one handsome blogger? Are you gonna watch Monday Night Football? Are you gonna watch Darryl make up bill denominations on Storage Wars reruns? Or is it now Tuesday morning, and you’re reading this while you’re supposed to be working. Whatever, I’m not here to judge. Anyway, I’ve come across some decent stuff over the past week. You should read them all. And then come back, because I’ll cry if you don’t. PROGRAMMING Read More [...]

Aug 252013

Tweet Why is the dump a day late? HOW ABOUT YOU DON’T ASK QUESTIONS, BUCKO? Remember when I talked about moving? Well, it happened yesterday. I had a couple friends help me out, which is surprising to all of you because you don’t think I have friends. I bought beer, because that’s kinda what you do when moving. I hear Boxer is the beer of choice with the kids these days, so I bought plenty. Don’t let that “lowest legal price” slogan fool you. Cheap beer is obviously the most Read More [...]

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