Jul 202014

Tweet Well kids, it’s official. Remember that thing I’ve been talking about off and on for the last two months (plug time? YOU KNOW IT) that you’re probably really tired of? Well, you’re in luck. Because as your eyeballs move across the screen, my eyeballs will be thirty-some thousand feet in the air. And the rest of me too, I suppose. My flight was leaving early in the morning, so I was just going to pull an all-nighter at the airport, which is probably at least in the top 5 Read More [...]

Jul 062014

Tweet Oh, that title will make sense in about 6 paragraphs, and spoiler alert, it might be the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. In the investment world, a lot gets talked about when it comes to investing in companies with a certain competitive advantage. Thanks to Warren Buffett, value investors often refer to this competitive advantage as a moat. As an example, Canada’s telecom companies have a huge moat. If we actually got a 4th national wireless player, this company would have to spend billions of dollars just to get Read More [...]

Jun 292014

Tweet Let’s talk a little about the stock market and how it just won’t stop. It’s like that one rave I went to and everyone was on E! They just wouldn’t stop doing whatever it is people on E! do, like sitting  down and rationally discuss issues affecting the world today. That seems nice. Yesterday, I came across this tweet. 25 Worst Quarterly U.S. GDP Prints In History (see if you can spot the outlier) pic.twitter.com/T9WQsOLA3Q — J. Lyons Fund Mgmt. (@JLyonsFundMgmt) June 28, 2014 I know that weather was Read More [...]

Jun 222014

Tweet I wrote about this before, but let me reiterate. North American governments might as well legalize marijuana. Legalizing the herb would have all sorts of advantages. Our courts and jails are clogged with cases based on unnecessarily harsh marijuana laws, which would free up police efforts which could be put to greater use elsewhere. Having corporations or individuals grow the plant would take millions of currently illegal earnings and make them taxable. Plus, the government could stick a tax on every ounce sold, just like with smokes and booze. Read More [...]

Jun 152014

Tweet I’m surprised I even have the time to write this, since it might be the best sports weekend in the history of ever. I’m only a casual soccer fan (never football, dammit), so I don’t have a whole lot of experience to draw upon, but HOLY MOLY this World Cup has been bananas so far. Costa Rica took out Uruguay yesterday, in what was a very satisfying result. Same thing with my new favorite team, The Netherlands. Yeah, I bought a cheap jersey at Costco and now I’ve decided Read More [...]

Jun 082014

Tweet While browsing the Reddit the other day (I’m up over 100 points! I’m good at the internet!), I came across a post about some guy’s video game room. He apparently took $32k and turned his bedroom into a really awesome 1980s type arcade. Here are some pictures: (Here’s a link in case it the embed doesn’t work on your screen) It’s pretty cool, but I can’t help but to think what a gigantic waste the whole exercise is. How many games of Punch-Out and Ms. Pac-Man can the guy Read More [...]

Jun 012014

Tweet I don’t normally get HGTV as part of my cable package, but it’s been part of a free preview lately, so I’ve been watching a few shows. Something they show a lot is a show called Love It or List It. The show features a couple, living an a house that, for whatever reason has been determined to be terrible. They get a Realtor and an interior designer in, and they compete to either find the couple a new house, or redesign the current place to be a little Read More [...]

May 252014

Tweet It’s been, what, a week and a half since I last talked about my investment in Reitmans? THAT’S TOO LONG, DAMMIT. For those of you not paying attention, I’m tracking my investments these days in something I call the Uproar Fund. It’s $100,000 of my own money, invested in a concentrated portfolio of just 10-20 stocks, each with what I think is significant upside. Over time, I’m going to see whether I can beat the market. A big chunk of the fund (12.6% of it) is invested in Reitmans. Read More [...]

May 182014

Tweet Let’s start off today’s dump with a somewhat sensitive topic – feminism. I realize it’s an incredibly complex topic to cover in a couple hundred words, but I’ll give it a shot. I find it amazing that, in 2014, that there are so many educated, white, women concerned with sexism. I won’t deny sexism exists, but labeling it as an entirely female problem is an insult to every male nurse or kindergarden teacher or boy scout troop master who has ever been made fun of.  Sure, sexism is a Read More [...]

May 112014

Tweet I’m going to take today’s preamble and talk about some exciting new changes here at the popular Financial Uproar blog. Plus, I need you guys to do me a favor. More on that later. Over the last couple days, some of you might have noticed a new, annoying. pop-up dealie trying to get your email address. When I did this before, I just set it up so people who subscribed would just get my posts in their email each time I posted one. It was lazy, but we all Read More [...]