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Jan 192015

Tweet Because hey, we haven’t done one of these in a while. I’ve had a busy last few weeks, heading back from Korea to Canada to see the family, take care of a few things, and mostly to skirt Korean immigration laws. FINE KOREA I’LL LEAVE WHEN YOU WANT ME TO GEEZ. It’s a good think you have the power to punish me. If you ever have the longing desire to feel wanted, go back home after being gone for a few months, especially if you still have lots of Read More […]

Nov 302014

Tweet So guys, here’s the dealie-o. Over the past few months, pretty much all the reader feedback has kind of gone like this. “I like the stuff you talk about, but where are the LOLs?” Y’all are right. LOLs are fun. Let’s have more of them, starting right now. Besides, I have plenty of other places to write that HATE JOKES SO MUCH. Where else can you go to get your finance information and your daily quota of terrible jokes about my body? Exactly. — So Vanessa got me a Read More […]

Sep 282014

Tweet Instead of one thought worthy of preamble, you get several random ones. Think of it as the least delicious helping of scrambled eggs ever. I wrote about Urbana a few months ago. It’s a closed end fund that invests primarily in financial stocks. It also has a large holding in a few privately owned stock markets, which have performed well for it over the last few years. The fund owns about $2.85/share worth of assets, and you can pick it up for $1.87 per share. With the company buying back Read More […]

Sep 202014

Tweet Sick of hearing about my travels yet? TOO BAD SUCKAS. I OWN YOU. I’m writing this in a “business hotel” in Osaka, which is really just a Japanese version of a motel. My room consists of a bed, tiny TV (which has a pay-per-view porn option by buying a card from a vending machine), a small desk, and a bathroom the size of an airplane lavatory. Forget about the sites, let’s talk a little about Japan’s impending demographic doom. A third of the population is over 65, and 40% Read More […]

Sep 122014

Tweet By this point next week, your old pal Nelly will be in Japan. Insert your own panties in a vending machine joke here. Is it sad that the very first thing I got excited about was the fact that they drive on the wrong side of the road there? Because I certainly did. I can just picture getting t-boned by some Toyota being driven by a Japanese man on the phone. He’ll be very apologetic, but I’ll be dead, all because I looked the wrong way crossing the street. Read More […]

Aug 302014

Tweet It’s the long weekend. What are you doing here? Oh, your family doesn’t love you? …That’s awkward. Do they even like you? No? Yikes. Okay, don’t fret. The fine folks here at Financial Uproar (see how I made it sound like this is a legitimate business instead of some jackass with a laptop?) have some good weekend content to keep you entertained. In reality, you picked a great weekend to spend here and not with your family. Why? Because all the hotel websites are giving away all sorts of discounts Read More […]

Aug 222014

Tweet Notice how the title says SHORTING Coke and not SNORTING Coke? I feel like it’s important that you know the difference between the two. I’ve talked about this a number of times before, but I really think you’re a sucker to buy Coca-Cola shares at these levels. It trades at more than 22x earnings, even though income (and revenue) has been pretty flat. It keeps buying back shares by using debt, even as it gives ALL the options to management, pretty much negating the effort. And it’s getting practically desperate Read More […]

Aug 082014

Tweet Last week, I asked you all to suggest changes to Friday now that Recycle Friday has died a merciful death. And for the most part, y’all DIDN’T GIVE ME SQUAT. Okay, that’s a lie. Holy Potato came up with the only good idea, telling me to cut posting down a day. So that’s what I’m doing. Originally, I started doing the Dump on the weekends, since there wasn’t a whole lot of PF related content published on the weekends. And, a few years later, there still isn’t. I thought Read More […]

Aug 032014

Tweet So you think you’re some sort of serious investor now, and this blog isn’t quite giving you all the information you need. Where exactly should you go to get the info that’ll give you the upper hand? Besides the sites I link to every week, of course. Here are a few ideas, most of which I read every single day. Seeking Alpha – The biggest site on the internet dedicated to analysis on individual stocks, publishing up to 100 new articles a day. I’d say there’s a little too Read More […]

Jul 272014

Tweet Now that I’ve been in the country a few days, I’ve noticed a few things about the land of Korea (AKA Japan’s bitch). Here’s the lowdown, just in case you ever come and join me. That’s not an invitation, dammit. I was told before I left that folks would stare at me in the subway, like I was some sort of weirdo type foreign guy. This happened a bit (especially with young kids, they love foreigners), but what really struck me was how a lot of the older generation Read More […]