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Sep 042015

Tweet Because hey, the last time I did one of these was when the Lindbergh baby was a thing. Let me open up this bloggening by telling y’all about my new chair. Oh sweet Jesus, this chair is the greatest thing since God invented pillows. And not just sweater pillows either. Like a maroon, I thought I’d be good with using a hand-me-down chair which I bought used at an auction sale, kinda like that time I did my best impression of the Storage Wars guys. It was $20, and Read More […]

Jul 192015

Tweet Something interesting happened on Monday, if you’re a follower of the Canadian real estate market. Home Capital Group — which is Canada’s largest subprime lender — pre-released second quarter results that were terrible. Mortgage originations were down considerably year over year, partially because of a slower market and partially because the company booted a bunch of its mortgage broker partners. There’s two ways you can look at this. This just might be a bad quarter, and things will return to normal next time the company reports results. Or, this could Read More […]

Jun 072015

Tweet The nice thing about making the decision to not buy a house anytime soon is now I have some extra down payment money that can now be put to work in long-term investments. Unfortunately, the stock market is doing relatively well, so there aren’t tons of bargains out there. Still, I think there are some decent value stocks out there. Here are some that I’ve wrote about since my last one of these, just in case some of y’all are interested in the individual stocks. Directcash is Canada’s largest Read More […]

May 102015

Tweet The lady friend and I went to Hong Kong last weekend, and let me tell you guys something. It was a hell of an experience. I basically pictured Hong Kong as London, but with more Asian people. It would be a cosmopolitan city filled with high-tech wonders, really shiny office towers, and the best dining in the vicinity. Yeah, there were pockets of great stuff. The downtown shopping area was about as nice as you’d expect. The subways were clean and efficient. The place was filled with western restaurants, Read More […]

Apr 192015

Tweet I used to be pretty hardcore about how dumb it was to get a tax refund. Think of me as the Westboro Baptist Church but of making sure people don’t get thousands of dollars back in refunds. Without the fun signs and soldier funeral picketing, anyway. But lately, I’ve softened my stance. Don’t get me wrong, you should definitely aim to make so much income in side hustles, dividends, and rental income that you’re stuck paying a hefty tax bill at the end of the year. After all, taxes Read More […]

Apr 052015

Tweet I try to keep this blog free of OMG THIS THING HAPPENED TO ME IN KOREA because nobody needs to hear all the tiniest of details that only the 1% of you that have spent considerable time outside of the country can relate to. This blog is about your money, not a diary of my life. But seriously guys. Korean basketball is the bomb. I vowed to go to a game back in November, and then promptly forgot about it until the team set up a display in front Read More […]

Mar 152015

Tweet There are a lot of terrible holidays out there (LOOKING AT YOU, COLUMBUS DAY), but St. Patrick’s Day has to be the worst. What started off as a tenuous holiday at best has quietly devolved into an excuse for the best of our society to act like the worst of the Irish. A great nation gets reduced to dumb stereotypes of binge drinking and making everything green, because those are the first two things we associate with Ireland. No word on whether people eat potatoes and talk like leprechauns to complete Read More […]

Mar 012015

Tweet Like some of you reading this, I waited with some anticipation for Warren Buffett’s annual letter to shareholders. Time zones worked out nicely for me this year; I was able to read it at 10PM in Korea, making it the perfect end to an otherwise productive day of playing Command and Conquer Red Alert against some random guys from Finland. Here’s the letter if you’re interested and haven’t gotten around to reading it yet. Maybe it’s because I recently re-read The Snowball, but I didn’t find Buffett’s wisdom all that Read More […]

Feb 012015

Tweet I have a feeling most of you won’t be reading this blog between the hours of 4pm and 8pm (MST). Because that’s when the SUPOER BOWL IS ON BABY. Will Brady and his deflated balls run past the Seahawks? Will Marshawn Lynch actually say anything if the ‘Hawks emerge victorious? And most importantly, will YOUR BOY Nelly be able to stream the game in South Korea? Don’t fret little ones. I have already secured a (hopefully) dependable online stream, and my alarm is set for 8:00am local time for Read More […]

Jan 192015

Tweet Because hey, we haven’t done one of these in a while. I’ve had a busy last few weeks, heading back from Korea to Canada to see the family, take care of a few things, and mostly to skirt Korean immigration laws. FINE KOREA I’LL LEAVE WHEN YOU WANT ME TO GEEZ. It’s a good think you have the power to punish me. If you ever have the longing desire to feel wanted, go back home after being gone for a few months, especially if you still have lots of Read More […]