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May 062015

Tweet Last week, Twitter was all, uh, atwitter, about Royal Bank increasing its bank fees. Some of the changes which go into effect on June 1st include: If you use up your free monthly debits (raised from 10 to 12), you’ll have to pay a fee to pay your mortgage, car loan, or any other loan automatically taken out of your account. That fee is from $2-$5 per transaction If you have a kids or student account, this fee is $1 Seniors now have to be 65 to qualify for Read More […]

Jan 232015

Tweet Normally when it comes to the world of investing, YOUR BOY Nelly follows a similar pattern. Finds undervalued stock Does research, including writing down my thoughts for y’all Buys some, but also keeps some dry powder just in case it drops more Patiently twiddles thumbs until it goes up Sell when it hits the target price Step 4 is the hard part, since it often takes years before a stock starts to go up. Remember Reitmans, the stock I’ve been talking about since May of 2013? It was basically dead Read More […]

Jan 212015

Tweet Every week, the Globe and Mail features some family in need of financial planning advice. The submissions are usually pretty straightforward. Retirement questions are common, especially trying to figure out if a couple has enough to make it happen. Younger folks generally ask about buying a house, especially in overvalued markets like Toronto or Vancouver. And so on. But last week’s submission takes the cake. It is the greatest thing I have ever read. No time for more preamble, there’s a lot of mocking up ahead. (Edit: it has Read More […]

Oct 142014

Tweet After identifying it as an interesting investment in yesterday’s post about Pepsi, I decided to crack open Kellogg Company’s annual report and see what was going on. What I found was a company that’s suffering from stagnant revenues, lower margins, and for some reason it had a ridiculously profitable 4th quarter in 2013. Check this out. Once you factor in that gigantically profitable quarter, the investment doesn’t look so sexy anymore. It’s also odd that the company’s 4th quarter was weak, unlike every other food company in North America. Read More […]

Apr 072014

Tweet Anyone from Toronto is familiar with Brad J. Lamb (the “j” stands for jacka- you know what? Never mind), the owner of Brad J. Lamb Realty, because we all know guys like Brad always name companies after themselves. Lamb’s brokerage is one of the leaders in Toronto’s inner-city condo market, his agents have moved more than $1 billion worth of condos. He was also featured in a reality TV show called Big City Broker, which was mostly just an excuse for Brad to brag about how many condos everyone Read More […]

Dec 232013

Tweet For my American readers who aren’t familiar, allow me to start with a short introduction on who the hell Gail Vaz Oxlade is. Vaz-Oxlade was born in Jamaica in 1959, emigrating to Canada in 1977. She worked as an administrative assistant and in marketing, before turning a gig writing a RRSP guide for a bank into a full-time job freelance writing about finance, eventually writing 27 different columns a month. After quitting for a couple years – citing burnout – she was asked to host Slice TV’s new reality Read More […]

Dec 062013

Tweet Are you guys aware that payday loans are bad? I know, I am most likely BLOWING YOUR MIND right now, but just hear me out. Sometimes, when a dirtbag person is short on cash, they have to borrow money from companies that specialize in giving short term, unsecured loans for people who have no other credit options available. These companies charge a lot for the privilege, usually $25 for every $100 borrowed, due by the borrower’s next payday, hence the name of the loan. This is probably the first Read More […]

Apr 162013

Tweet Meet Ashley. Ashley is one of several young adults featured on the website for a Toronto based magazine called The Grid. Ashley lives in downtown Toronto, doesn’t make a whole lot of money, so the magazine ran a feature on how she and her other low earning peers manage to survive living in the middle of an expensive city. Spoiler alert: it’s not pretty. Let’s take a look at Ashley’s situation. From the article: Two years ago, Ashley Winnington-Ball was managing a boutique on Queen West near the eastern Read More […]

Feb 272013

Tweet It’s 10pm on Tuesday night, and I should really be going to bed. I have to get an early start tomorrow, and I need my beauty sleep if I’m going to be the sexiest chip guy in all of the land. I can’t go walking around with bags under my eyes and whatnot. Stop checking out my ass, I’m not an object. Anyhoo, as I’ve said before, us personal finance bloggers are really predictable sometimes. (It was also said, quite well, by Mochi, one of my internet girlfriends) I’ve Read More […]

Jan 162013

Tweet Recently, one of my readers made me aware of a post from a blog called Work Save Live, where a reader wrote in and asked the author’s opinion of her budget and her financial situation. Normally this types of post bores the crap out of me, since it’s either from somebody who has disaster finances, or from someone who loves their budget so much that they want an intellectual masturbation partner. This post though, was different. It contained so many suggestions that were, well, the opposite of right. We’re Read More […]