Nov 062012

Tweet Wahhh! I’m so busy! If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard somebody in my life say that, I’d have enough for a real haircut, a lap dance, and a bag of chips. What? I have a very precise memory. It’s not quite a photographic memory, unless I’m remembering boobs.  I never forget boobs, even the boobs I might want to forget. Let’s move on. The point is, we’re all busy. Some of us spend large amounts of time working, while others spend large amounts of time making jokes Read More [...]

Jul 222012

Tweet Because I’m a little obsessed with Emma Stone, I went and watched Spiderman the other night with one of my buddies. And holy hell, did she look hot. There’s hot, and then there’s Emma Stone hot. And then I find out, according to the internet, that she’s friends with MY GIRL Taylor Swift. That panting sound you hear? That’s me and I’m NOT SORRY. Spiderman was good even when Emma Stone wasn’t on the screen. The dude fights a giant lizard. Denis Leary is the Chief of Police. There’s Read More [...]

Jun 102012

Tweet This week’s dump sponsorship: Paying too much for Car Insurance? Find Cheap Car Insurance Quotes Online from major carriers such as Geico, Progressive, State Farm and more at I know why you’ll all here today. You care very little about my witty content and Nelsonisms, because all you want to know is who won the copy of Millionaire Teacher. I think you all should learn more patience, especially when it comes to dealing with the biggest tease on the whole internet. I’ll get to it. First, more preamble. I’ve narrowed Read More [...]

May 252012

Tweet Yeah, I know, I’m totally ripping this off of Control Your Cash a few months ago. It’s okay though, since he ripped off The Greatest Frugality Blog Of All Time, (TM) The Simple Doofus Dollar. He probably ripped it off Teen People magazine or something. I guess what I’m trying to say is, the concept of a mailbag is more ripped off than a Chinese copy of Spiderman 3 on Megavideo. If I owe somebody royalties, they can kiss the hairiest part of my ass. If you want your Read More [...]

Mar 212012

Tweet You guys never thought you’d see the day, did you? It’s true. Your old pal Nelson is actually going to write a post on a frugal tip. Hell, if this series isn’t universally hated, I might even write a few more, depending on the number and quality of ideas I have. As you guessed from the title (unless you have the intelligence of a waffle) this post is going to be about TV. You’ve all probably heard that there are internet options for TV. Like, did you know, that Read More [...]

Mar 182012

Tweet This morning, I made the decision to quit all my staff writing gigs. The reasoning is simple. I’m spending altogether too much time writing content for other sites, and not enough on content for my own. My Sundays are filled with coming up with blog posts and writing stuff for other people’s blogs. For a while, that was cool. I was more than happy to exchange my time for money. Let’s face it. I wouldn’t have been hired if they weren’t making more money than what they paid out Read More [...]

Mar 162012

Tweet At this point, you’ve all probably heard of Greg Smith, (alas, we are not related) a former senior manager of Goldman Sachs. In an impressive move of bravado, Smith decided to resign in the most public way possible – by ripping his former company in an op-ed piece in the New York Times. This soldier decided enough was enough. The sins of Goldman Sachs have been held private too long. It’s about time the public knows the truly awful things that have been going on behind closed doors. I Read More [...]

Feb 102012

Tweet In the past, I’ve both nicely and not so nicely disagreed with what certain bloggers have had to say. I’m not afraid to bring down the gauntlet of mocking to a post that deserves it. You’ll notice I never insult the blogger themselves, but I have no problem taking it to the steamer of their idea. We’re all friends, I know. But friends don’t let friends write stupid blog posts. Saying that, there one particular blog that stands out in its ability to consistently bore us with the most Read More [...]

Jan 212012

Tweet And you know what? It was delicious. Yeah, I know that their burgers are 32% soy, or horse, or whatever. And yeah, I saw Super Size Me. I know McDonalds is probably worse for you than crack mixed with crystal meth mixed with cancer. Most of the time, I avoid the place. But once a month or so, I end up there for a meal, and it is fantastic. Do I care if it’s bad for me? OH HELL NO. Those new angus burgers they have are pretty solid. Read More [...]

Nov 052011

Tweet I’m actually not, but I figured that’d be a delightfully awkward image to make you forget about how this dump is about 12 hours late. Have you forgotten yet? How about… NOW? It snowed here yesterday, the official start of 6 months of dreary, cold, dark Canadian winter. Every November I start thinking about how great it would be to avoid winter forever. It’s really not that hard to do, maybe I’ll write a post on it. Anyway, winter really sucks, especially when you work outside like I do. Read More [...]