Hire Me To Write

Are you just dying to have punctuation errors, grammar screw-ups and typos on your blog/website? Then look no further new friend! For just a minimum payment, you can have all that, plus more. Extras include:

1. An article of approximately 750 words, uniquely written by yours truly. I will never, ever publish it anywhere else, I promise with a pinky swear.

2. Promotion of said article on my Twitter. I’ll even throw in a clever hook so the kids will HAVE to click on it.

3. At least one joke that will make you laugh hysterically smile slightly. Or, if you’re trying a more serious tone, no jokes.

I think you’ll find my rates quite reasonable. In fact, I’ll even throw in the first post for free, since I’m quite nice like that.

If you’re interested in having me appear on your blog, either as a one shot deal (writing a guest post) or on a more permanent basis, shoot me an email at financialuproar [at] gmail [dot] com