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Jul 102015

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet Each year, I ask many of your favorite personal finance/investing bloggers (and Financial Uproar!) to participate in a stock picking contest. The rules are simple — each person picks four stocks, and I calculate the total return for the group, including dividends. When we last left the contest, Don’t Quit Your Day Job was giving us all an ass kicking not seen Read More […]

Jul 062015

Tweet It’s the ultimate question that plagues just about every couple — the details of combining your finances. If there’s one thing that every couple has in common, it’s that just about everyone has a slightly different way of looking at this. Some couples combine every penny into one account. Others keep completely separate accounts, choosing to only combine them when needing to pay for common household expenses. Some even will live on one couple’s income, while keeping the other spouse’s earnings in a separate account to be invested. These Read More […]

Jul 022015

Tweet Back a few weeks ago, I aroused your eyeballs (and probably other senses) with the tale of how me and a certain lady are planning on renting a place. It was an easy decision. Our new place is brand new, costing us $1550 per month (including all utilities), while the equivalent house would have set us back pretty close to $300,000. Then we would have had utilities on top of that, as well as taxes, house insurance, interest, and maintenance/upkeep on top of the purchase price. So we decided Read More […]

Jun 262015

Tweet In the world of personal finance, just about everyone wants the masses to convert to our “religion.” It’s lonely seeing the light, apparently, so we need as many followers as possible. We’re like David Koresh, but without the terrible 90s glasses. So we do what any good religion does, and that’s indoctrinating the children. Yes, Mrs. Lovejoy, somebody IS thinking about the children. We relentlessly stress for financial education in schools, even though evidence argues it might be a waste of time. We post financial tips on our blogs, Read More […]

Jun 222015

Tweet Back in December, after saying some words about borrowing to invest, I decided to put my (figurative) money where my mouth is (was?) and create a portfolio that I would use if I was using the bank’s money to invest in the market. Here are the ground rules: The portfolio would be a 50/50 split between borrowed and original capital, with the opening value of $75,000 The portfolio would be mostly Canadian stocks, but with a couple of U.S. ones mixed in for fun No additional money would be Read More […]

Jun 192015

Tweet I was talking to a guy recently about his investments, because that’s apparently what I do now. We spoke for a little while about his mutual funds, (which, as you can expect, were terrible and expensive), before he dropped the bombshell on me. It turns out he has a not insignificant position in precious metals, particularly silver. Here’s pretty much how the conversation went: “You own silver? Like, a silver stock, or mutual fund?” “No, actual silver. Little bars of it.” “What do you do, keep it in your Read More […]

Jun 172015

Tweet The other day I started thinking about the laundry market, because that’s what I do. HEY. I NEVER CLAIMED TO BE COOL. Specifically, I was thinking about Proctor and Gamble for an article I’m planning on writing about the company for a competing website that for some reason continues to invite me back. Yeah, I don’t get it either. Essentially, my theory is this. In today’s world where consumers are spending more and more on stuff like health care, education, and layers upon layers of cakey goodness, they’re forced Read More […]

Jun 152015

Tweet Greatest things in the world, ranked: 3. Orgasms 2. Sitting 1. Passive income* *Your experiences may vary. Or not. What do I care? Wait. I forgot cheeseburgers. Can we start over? In the world of financial blog land, passive income is pretty much the holy grail. For those of us who are past the student loan/paying off the credit cards stage, we’re almost universally looking for investments that pay us each month, quarter, or year. We all have different ways to do this. Some are dependent on real estate, Read More […]

Jun 122015

Tweet   Not gonna lie, it’s a little creepy how much that kid looks like 15 year-old Nelson. There’s a certain group of investors who, as the expression goes, are all about the dividends. Before we go making fun of these investors, let’s take a little closer look at the thought process. There are many actual advantages to focusing on companies that pay dividends, including: Dividends have historically been a large component in total return. Dividends tend to be an indicator of consistent profitability, which is an attractive feature in Read More […]

Jun 102015

Tweet You guys know that I like to make fun of stupid people on here. I try to focus mainly on the financial decisions, but come the hell on. That kind of stupidity has a way of moving beyond the financial stuff, and into the most important parts of grey matter. But I discovered an article earlier today that was so bad and so terrible in every way that I just had to drop everything and make fun of it. Yes, that even included my pants. TMI? TOO BAD I’M Read More […]