Oct 132014

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet (Happy Thanksgiving Financial Uproarians. I didn’t get to have a turkey dinner, so y’all can go to hell) Oh hey, it’s Pepsi. Do you guys know I used to sell chips for that particular company? Of course you don’t, since I have literally never mentioned it in my life. (Does a search for “chips” on FinancialUproar.com, laptop explodes) I never commented on Read More [...]

Oct 102014

Tweet Ah, the difference a week can make. On September 30th, when I did the quarterly update on the Uproar Fund, MRRM was smelling worse than my underpants after a light jog. The stock had sunk to $2.60 per share, significantly below my average purchase price of $3.20. I picked up an additional 900 shares personally (as in, not included in the Fund) on October 2nd, which represented 90% of the trading volume that day. I also upped the price from $2.60 to $2.70 with my limit order. Finally, I Read More [...]

Oct 092014

Tweet It’s Thursday, so it’s your regular addition of the other guy who writes here. His name is Eddie, and he’s delightfully mean. We’re BFFs. He blogs here.  Personal finance fallacy number 4 is about to be challenged. Here are the first three, if you’d like to read back: How choosing the right credit card barely matters Why you should go into, not out of, debt Why index investing is for suckers   This is another in a series questioning the wisdom of PF writers before I begin to write Read More [...]

Oct 082014

Tweet Investors are divided into two camps. There’s camp A, we’ll call TEAM STRIKE FORCE. These investors look to buy stocks that are either undervalued or that have good growth prospects (at a reasonable price). They like getting paid a dividend to wait for their investment to recover/grow, but it’s not necessary. Depending on the situation, a dividend could get in the way of the company’s plans, like paying off debt or investing in new infrastructure to help grow sales. Then there’s camp B, which we’ll call TEAM DISCOVERY CHANNEL. Read More [...]

Oct 072014

Tweet As y’all know, I’ve been a Questrade man for a couple of years now. It’s not just because I’m in the company’s affiliate program. (You’ll notice this post is free of affiliate links in a lame attempt to try and look impartial) Sure, it’s nice to have the ability to make a few bucks recommending it to prospective investors, but that’s not my only reason for recommending it. I like the company’s low fees, the ability to open an account without having to print off and mail in a Read More [...]

Oct 062014

Tweet It’s time for the update none all of you have been waiting for. Can some of the best personal finance and investing blogs out there (and Financial Uproar) continue their streak of mostly beating the stock market with their top 4 stock picks? Or will they fail more miserably than a guy trying to pick up Kate Upton on Twitter? To recap of the rules, each contestant is allowed 4 picks, each getting a equal weighting in the imaginary portfolio. Dividends count towards the total return, but any currency fluctuations Read More [...]

Oct 042014

Tweet A quick note of housekeeping before we begin. I think it’s time for a different format for the Friday/weekend link dump. The stats tell me they’re not very popular, and after approximately 3 years worth of them, it’s obvious the format is getting stale. So instead, we’ll do something like I was doing for the freelance link roundups. I’ll touch on a subject that just isn’t in depth enough for its own post, and then we’ll do links. Cool?  Let’s talk about Automodular, the company that I bought a Read More [...]

Oct 022014

Tweet Back after a week of, I dunno, slacking, it’s Eddie. I believe this will be PF groupthink assassination post number 3.  This post will be a departure from the conventional wisdom in the PF community.  This is not meant to be explicitly antagonistic, but I do not apologize for it if it is. The community of the PF realm is indulged with endless posts about how to choose the right credit card.  While I do have respect for a detailed analysis of an issue in general, examining your spending Read More [...]

Sep 302014

Tweet I’m running late today, on accounts of I had to spend some time in a giant metal tube. Flying discount carriers seems like a good idea at the time, until you, y’know, actually have to do it. But I digress. Let’s talk a little about the Uproar Fund. During the 3rd quarter it added one position, Danier Leather, at $9.11 per share. It makes up approximately 5.5% of the fund. Danier Leather As of the time of this writing, the stock hasn’t done well, thanks to it releasing some Read More [...]

Sep 292014

Tweet Because, hey, let’s create a convenient excuse for the poop jokes. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I’m not gonna lie, one of the reasons why I wanted to go to Japan is because I wanted to try a bidet. It’s like a magical invention that nobody wants to talk about because of the, uh, dirty work it does. But I was curious. What did it feel like? Did it get everything? And was there really a camera in it like on that episode of the Simpsons? And then Vanessa and I stayed at a Read More [...]