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Jun 072015

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet The nice thing about making the decision to not buy a house anytime soon is now I have some extra down payment money that can now be put to work in long-term investments. Unfortunately, the stock market is doing relatively well, so there aren’t tons of bargains out there. Still, I think there are some decent value stocks out there. Here are Read More […]

Jun 032015

Tweet I’m convinced that the financial industry is out to scare people into submission. How many times have you heard about the upcoming retirement CRISIS? BABY BOOMERS AREN’T SAVING ENOUGH, the scary voice on TV says. They have to get their act together NOW, or else they’re stuck with a terrible retirement of cat food and staying in their son’s spare bedroom. Those types of articles/news stories are everywhere. Because of that, the apparent desire for everyone to hang up the skates at 50 even though they’ll probably live until Read More […]

Jun 022015

Tweet The ol’ Financial Uproar machine was a little sparse last week, on account of me FINALLY GETTING A LIFE AND SOME FRIENDS GOD I HATE YOU ALL SO MUCH. Okay, that’s not so true. I was moving my things from my parents’ garage into a more permanent living situation. Hell, I even embraced minimalism for a little while there, because really, I’m sick of my useful and nice things keeping me down. DAMN YOU TO HELL, THINGS. The living room at our new place. Really #blessed that I discovered Read More […]

May 282015

Tweet   Around here, we try to look at things a little differently than the masses. It’s not that the masses are stupid, or necessarily wrong, it’s just that they’re a little lazy. Especially when it comes to investing. So instead of people knowing the companies in their portfolio inside and out, we have a world where people will invest in a company based on a Twitter conversation or a Reddit post. I don’t think those people have any business investing in individual stocks, but hey. I’ll be a little patient Read More […]

May 252015

Tweet Because I like to procrastinate, I spend a bit of time on The Reddit. I follow such subreddits as the one that asks celebrities somewhat interesting questions, the one that lets people brag about the volume of their video game collection, and the one that the one that hates cops/Comcast/pro-lifers/anti-gays/Wal-Mart. Oh wait. That last one is all of Reddit, probably because someone over 40 there is about as uncommon as a taxi driver who isn’t trying to rip you off. No wonder Uber is kicking their ass. I also Read More […]

May 222015

Tweet Oh boy kids! You know it’s exciting when I start cracking out the exclamation marks! The year was 2010. I was more single than a Kraft cheese slice, stuck in a job that I didn’t particularly enjoy. Instead of working, I’d spend hours reading my favorite personal finance blogs, constantly thinking that I could do a better job than those dumbasses. I don’t know if I succeeded, but I think I’ve outlasted every single one of them. So I started my own personal finance blog. Fun fact: Financial Uproar Read More […]

May 202015

Tweet I’m back, bitches. Back in Canada, that is. After cutting my Korean adventure a couple of months short for reasons I will TAKE TO MY GRAVE, I’m back in Canada with my lady friend. You may know her as Vanessa, but I don’t. To be honest, I’ve barely learned her name. She’s either “sweetcheeks,” “toots,” or “get me a sandwich.” Yeah, that last paragraph is getting me a punch to the kidneys. Anyhoo, now that we’re back, we have plans. We’ve picked a nice community to settle down in, Read More […]

May 182015

Tweet Oh hey, new graduate. Congratulations on finally getting yo’ ass a diploma. I know it’s probably attached with an assload of student loan debt, but hey. At least you finished. Imagine being that guy who has a bunch of debt and works at Starbucks who doesn’t even have his degree. At least you have bragging rights. You might not remember, but delivering these messages is kind of a tradition around here. I did one in 2013, which urged you all to pay off your debt at all costs. I Read More […]

May 152015

Tweet If you ever want to get a Canadian riled up, don’t bother mentioning hockey, maple syrup, poutine, Tim Hortons, curling, or anything else Americans normally associate with their neighbours to the north (I spelled neighbors the Canadian way because I’m a better Canadian than you. TAKE THAT, HARPER.). Instead, just mention real estate commissions. I actually did this one day, and got the following responses. “My house sold in a week, and I paid $10,000 in commission. I estimate my Realtor made at least $1,000 per hour. I hate Read More […]

May 112015

Tweet I suppose I should start this out explaining what a reverse mortgage is, huh? Or I could just do what I normally do, hire a bunch of monkeys to type until we get something that approximates English. Hey, it worked for Shakespeare. Or not, like I paid attention in science class. Anyhoo, let’s talk a little about reverse mortgages, which, as the name implies, are like a regular mortgage, except backwards. FINANCIAL UPROAR: KEEPING YOU ON YOUR TOES SINCE 1932. Let’s say your grandma is 74 years old, and Read More […]