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Apr 152015

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet It’s tax day for the nine Financial Uproar U.S. readers, but it isn’t a big deal. I know you kids are up with what’s down (or is it down with what’s up? Lingo confuses me) and had your taxes all completed by January 2nd. Whenever I think of someone scrambling to finish their taxes, I’m reminded of The Trouble With Trillions, one Read More […]

Apr 132015

Tweet If I was in a Starbucks, I’d be the living embodiment of a digital nomad’s wet dream. But I’m not. I’m currently sitting in a Dunkin Donuts in Ulsan, South Korea, listening to the same shitty half Korean/half English Dunkin theme song, which plays approximately every six minutes. Come on, Dunkin. You ALREADY have me here. I’ve already exchanged $3 for an english muffin so bad that even Guy Fieri hates it, and we’ve established that guy would eat a pizza laced with motor oil. There’s no need to repeat it Read More […]

Apr 102015

Tweet If you listen to the internet (which, I cannot stress enough, is something you should never do), there are a few things that are greater than whatever this generation’s sliced bread is. FaceTime? (My MacBook did that edit automatically, because Steve Jobs lives inside. Oh, you actually believed he’s dead? His body is dead, but his mind is very much alive.) Taking crappy pictures of your food? Selfies? I assume the kids all like these things. Traveling the world is probably tops on that list, because travel has become Read More […]

Apr 082015

Tweet This week, the feds sent the personal finance community into a bigger tizzy than that time I flexed my pecs by letting it leak that the TFSA contribution limit would double to $11,000 per year, starting in 2016. For savers, this is pretty good news. According to stats I found in the deepest depths of the internet (next to the horse porn), only 17% of Canadians have be able to sock away the maximum allowed contribution, which currently stands at $31,000. In fact, the TFSA is so poorly used Read More […]

Apr 052015

Tweet I try to keep this blog free of OMG THIS THING HAPPENED TO ME IN KOREA because nobody needs to hear all the tiniest of details that only the 1% of you that have spent considerable time outside of the country can relate to. This blog is about your money, not a diary of my life. But seriously guys. Korean basketball is the bomb. I vowed to go to a game back in November, and then promptly forgot about it until the team set up a display in front Read More […]

Apr 032015

Tweet Let’s talk a little bit about benchmarks. No, those aren’t benches in the park. COME ON PEOPLE THIS IS IMPORTANT SHIZZZZZZZZZ. The argument goes something like this. If you’re not beating the S&P 500, or TSX Composite, or The Dow Jones Industrial Average, or whatever easily matched index, then you might as well switch to passive funds and help the investors of Blackrock Investment Management get slightly richer. Those suckers, trying to “actively” invest. Let’s all point our fingers in scornful laughter! Don’t piss yourselves, morons! Sorry. I am Read More […]

Apr 012015

Tweet Every year, I invite some of the best personal finance bloggers (along with Financial Uproar) to participate in a stock picking contest. This year, possibly because 93% of the personal finance world hates me, I invited some readers to participate as well. Because hey, like this all matters, right? Unlike in previous years, I’ll just list off the results and make some general observations, rather than going through each person’s picks individually. There’s only so many jokes I can make about My Own Advisor’s picks being boring without the Read More […]

Mar 302015

Tweet You know how all the politicians talk about the middle class like they’re a group of people who can turn broken monitors into delicious pizza? The media does the same thing with small investors. “Oh, the financial industry is so bad! Only the rich can navigate it successfully! Whatever will we do with the small investors?!?!?!?” (hits fainting couch). Okay, it’s not that bad. They do have a point. Let’s say you’re just starting out and you have $10,000 to invest. Your options include: Go to a bank and Read More […]

Mar 272015

Tweet You know how I make fun of other PF folk for having a giant hard-on about Tangerine savings accounts and paying down debt? Well now the shoe is on the other foot. Might as well get this over with. Hi, my name is Nelson, and I have a Warren Buffett obsession. I would like to quit this obsession, but I cannot. It’s probably the closest my life will ever come to that show Intervention, which I will admit I actually used to watch. I’ve written about Buffett approximately 3,291 Read More […]

Mar 252015

Tweet In Canada, balanced funds are more popular than poutine drizzled with maple syrup all while watching the hockey game and saying aboot. Stereotypes are also pretty popular, at least in this corner of the interwebz. This is especially true for the 96.7% of Canada’s population that are Baby Boomer age or older. This group of people want exposure to the equity markets, but accompanied with large portions of bonds and other safer assets. It’s a smart portfolio move to make when you get a little older, and the income Read More […]