New Position: Hibbett Sports

HIbbett Sports is an insanely cheap stock featuring a fortress of a balance sheet. Here’s why I just purchased shares for my portfolio.

He’s Back, Baby! (At Least Temporarily)

Nelson’s back, you lucky bastards. Topics covered include our mortgage payoff progress, some portfolio updates, and jokes about the Weimar Republic. Your eyes have never been so happy.

Stock Picking Contest Q2 Update

It’s the latest results of the stock picking contest. A leader has emerged that will surprise the hell out of you. I guarantee it.

College is Overrated

Thinking about going to college? You won’t after reading today’s guest post. Make sure you click through and read where I take the other side of the argument.

Be Wary Before Buying Specialty ETFs

The First Asset Share Buyback ETF promises exposure to companies that consistently repurchase shares. It delivers, but there’s a lot of crap in there too.

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How I Saved $256.48 On My Las Vegas Hotel

And the best part is, I haven’t even showed up yet. Which should give you a pretty big hint about what I did. Every year since 2010 I’ve made the trip down south to the glitz and glamour of Sin City. I like the food, the constant buzz of The Strip, the... read more

Go Ahead, Take That Loan From Your Parents

Yes, you read that title right. Even though accepting said loan will turn you into one of these. Imagine the following scenario. You’ve spent a little beyond your means over the past few years, and now you owe $15,000 in credit card debt. Because you’re an... read more

How Your Emergency Fund Will Cost You $149,816.73

What the what? $149,816? I could, like, pay Taylor Swift and Katy Perry to have a threesome with me for that much money. I could travel to Antarctica, capture a penguin, and then eat it when it inevitably dies. (I’m assuming it tastes like chicken) I could pay... read more

That Time I Almost Went To Work For Investor’s Group

Sometimes people (usually women, let’s face it) like to think about how their lives would have been different if they had made some different decisions. What would have happened if they’d pursued that relationship? How different would life have become if... read more

Buy Assets Instead Of Going To College

If you’ve been paying attention, I’m kind of anti-college around here. I believe that college should be path to get to a specific career. If you want to be a nurse, or a teacher, or an engineer, or a crap-ton of other things, then your path will need to go... read more

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