Sep 032014

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet The year was 2013. Nelson was still a chip guy, instead of being scared to go outside in the rain. Nelson was single, because, well, throughout his life at that point it would have been a pretty good guess. And Nelson wrote this massively long piece outlining why he thought Canada was in a giant real estate bubble. To this day it Read More [...]

Sep 022014

Tweet Trent Hamm, the writer behind the frugality blog The Simple Dollar, is a very big fan of board games. Of course he is, because going outside costs money. He might have to start up the Prius. His kids might want ice cream, even though there are perfectly good ice cubes in the fridge, dammit! And so on. Look at the wall of board games. Just how much does he have tied up in this hobby? Remember, this is the man who makes his own laundry detergent. So even though Mr. Read More [...]

Sep 012014

Tweet I have spent the last (nope, not gonna admit how much time I’ve spent on this stupid project) hours trying to determine if beating the S&P 500 is as easy as picking the dogs of the dividend aristocrats. These are my conclusions. Let’s start with a little background. The dividend aristocrats isn’t just the stock market version of that dirty joke all those comedians told in that movie. They’re American listed stocks that have increased dividends for 25 consecutive years and earned their way onto the S&P 500. There are Read More [...]

Aug 302014

Tweet It’s the long weekend. What are you doing here? Oh, your family doesn’t love you? …That’s awkward. Do they even like you? No? Yikes. Okay, don’t fret. The fine folks here at Financial Uproar (see how I made it sound like this is a legitimate business instead of some jackass with a laptop?) have some good weekend content to keep you entertained. In reality, you picked a great weekend to spend here and not with your family. Why? Because all the hotel websites are giving away all sorts of discounts Read More [...]

Aug 282014

Tweet The continuation of last week’s harrowing tale on assets, as told by Eddie, Financial Uproar’s new Thursday guy (with a little help from Nelson). He’s here every week now, probably until death. I do not screw around with contracts.  Last week we talked about types of assets, differentiating between productive and non-productive. Essentially, productive assets pay you to own them (dividend stocks, investment real estate, etc.), while non-productive do end up going up in value but don’t pay you to own them (like stocks that don’t pay dividends, or Read More [...]

Aug 272014

Tweet Well. That was a good clever start to an article if I’ve ever seen one. Oh. Turns out I already made the same joke. I even made the same joke about how witty I was in making the joke. It’s all very meta. Last week I re-joined Facebook, after being off the site for approximately the last five years. Why? It’s not something I’m going to admit very freely, but it’s because I may be feeling a little homesick. Nobody ever talks about that with their WHOO! TRAVELING IS Read More [...]

Aug 262014

Tweet Gather round kids, it’s story time. There won’t be snacks, mostly because there isn’t a way to deliver such things over the internet. Amazon is working on it, but there won’t be an accurate computer-to-computer potato chip drone system until 2016 at the earliest, so we’ll have to continue living like savages. Back when I was in Canada and I actually drove, I hit a hell of a pothole, which ripped a small hole in the side of one of my tires. I took it to the shop hoping for Read More [...]

Aug 252014

Tweet About once a month, I run various stock screens looking for my kind of investment — former high-flying companies that are beaten up and currently trade for less than liquidation value. These companies tend to have very little debt and strong balance sheets,  They tend to be small-caps, often companies most of you haven’t heard of. Sometimes they pay dividends, but that doesn’t factor into the screen at all. And for the most part, I ignore the mountain of regional U.S. banks, because a) I don’t have the patience to Read More [...]

Aug 232014

Tweet Just a few weeks after I announced I bought some shares, Danier Leather came out with its 4th quarter and full year 2014 results, which were more craptacular than having to explain for the 4,999th time why you don’t drink alcohol. For the full year, revenue came in more than 10% lower than last year, and the stock ended up losing $2.00 per share. The 4th quarter wasn’t great either, as sales were down something like 15% and the loss was more than double last year’s. A couple of Read More [...]

Aug 222014

Tweet Notice how the title says SHORTING Coke and not SNORTING Coke? I feel like it’s important that you know the difference between the two. I’ve talked about this a number of times before, but I really think you’re a sucker to buy Coca-Cola shares at these levels. It trades at more than 22x earnings, even though income (and revenue) has been pretty flat. It keeps buying back shares by using debt, even as it gives ALL the options to management, pretty much negating the effort. And it’s getting practically desperate Read More [...]