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Jan 022015

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet If you still want to enter the 2015 version of the contest, send me an email or scroll up to the ‘contact me’ link on the toolbar. There’s still time. Open to anyone who wants in. Back in January, I asked some of the finest personal finance and investing blogs (and Financial Uproar) to participate in a stock picking contest. The rules Read More […]

Dec 312014

Tweet It’s New Year’s Eve Eddie, which is exactly the same as regular Eddie.  Last week (sort of) we were introduced to the three distinct personalities within a small business owner: the Technician, Manager, and Entrepreneur. This was based on Michael Gerber’s immensely popular book The E-Myth Revisited. I espoused the sentiment that once the Technician and Manager roles have been sufficiently cultivated, one should grow and develop the Entrepreneur, which is difficult given the paucity of useful references and the glut of vacuous PF blogs. The Entrepreneur is arguably the Read More […]

Dec 292014

Tweet Because those of us who write a lot of stuff are inevitably lazy, you’re likely seeing a lot of 2015 predictions come forth. “Why X stock will be ZOMG in 2015!” “Why oil will continue to be weak in 2015!” “Why Y stock will continue to suck in 2015!” Let me tell you guys a secret. In today’s world of click-baity headlines and short attention spans, most people can’t even be bothered to read an entire 600 word article. The internet is full of so much stuff that we Read More […]

Dec 222014

Tweet MAN, THAT TITLE IS BLATANT FALSE ADVERTISING. NOBODY WANTS TO SEE OLD LADY BRA. The joke’s on you. She’s actually 27. It would be a new low for even me to dedicate a blog post just to bras, although I have talked about the economics of getting breast implants and that sluts can teach us lessons about personal finance. I even wrote about the economics of strip clubs, because why not. So maybe it isn’t a new low, just one of many lows. Or highs, depending on your perspective. But Read More […]

Dec 172014

Tweet Here’s Eddie, which kind of rhymes with steady. Does him writing here every week count as him and I going steady? Probably.  The E-Myth Revisited is a book written by business consultant and writer Michael E. Gerber.  He is a passionate spokesman for igniting the entrepreneurial spirit and promoting small businesses.  I have written a brief review on my website, however, there are several concepts that merit more attention and words than what could be expressed in a short critique. The most profound yet simple concept that Gerber expresses relates Read More […]

Dec 152014

Tweet Hudson’s Bay Company (HBC:TSX) is Canada’s oldest company, incorporating in 1670 so the English could harvest Canada’s ample bounty of furs rape the wilderness of everything that wasn’t nailed down. King Charles II gave the company exclusive control of what was called Rupert’s Land, which was named after his brother, Prince Rupert. Rupert’s land stretched from Northern Ontario all the way west into now what is British Columbia, some 15% of North America’s land mass. Because of its advantaged position in the fur trade, HBC ended up dominating trade in Read More […]

Dec 142014

Tweet Let me tell y’all a story about my days working in a grocery store. Gather round, children. When we moved from a smaller to a larger location, we expanded the number of areas in the store with shopping baskets from one to something like five. There was the usual location right by the door when people would first come it, but then we’d have little stacks of baskets set up throughout the place. There was a little stand in produce, one by the meat department, one in frozen foods, Read More […]

Dec 122014

Tweet Because, hey, we haven’t had one of these in a while. This might be fun. I’m looking to make money by selling some of my old things. Do you have any suggestions? Phil Look, I’m not opposed to people selling off their unused crap. Lord know that I have enough of it, and I don’t really have much junk. If you ever want a wake up call of just how much unnecessary crap you own, just go live in a foreign country for a while. You’ll realize that you only Read More […]

Dec 102014

Tweet It’s Eddie time, yo.  The primary purpose of last week’s Bezos and Skilling allegory is to advance the idea of not just investing in the long term, but to evaluate how you value your time and investments on a personal level.  For example, given you had spare cash to invest, the majority of PF bloggers would espouse one of or a combination of the following: Pay off debt Put it into your emergency fund Invest it in index funds within your RRSP (really advanced ones would suggest you re-invest Read More […]

Dec 082014

Tweet A couple of weeks ago, I wrote some words about borrowing to invest. And like all my crap high quality bloggenin’, I’m sure all of you were literally on the edges of your seat in anticipation. I promised a model portfolio if enough people (>0) were interested, so here we go. (Note: if you signed up for the Financial Uproar weekly newsletter, you got a special peek at this article a day before everyone else did. That’s kind of a neat feature, right? The sign-up form is on the Read More […]