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Aug 072015

If you’re new here, you may want to subscribe to get stock tips or have investing ideas delivered to your email. I’m also on The Twitter.Thanks for visiting!Tweet Approximately 18 months ago, Warren Buffett was kind enough to sit down with an interview with me. It did not end well. Undaunted, I decided to re-open this series. Today’s guest is Kevin O’Leary.  Nelson: Today’s guest is Kevin O’Leary, former software mogul, current BNN commentator and one of the sharks on the hit ABC series Shark Tank. Kevin is also a Read More […]

Aug 032015

Tweet If you asked 100 people the same question, you’d have a terrible game shot hosted by Steve Harvey’s very white and large teeth. But if you asked 100 people what their biggest fear is about getting older, I’d be willing to bet that running out of money would be pretty high on the list, as well as “diabetes,” and “crapping one’s self.” God, I never want to get old. So we encourage people to save and save and then save some more, even going as far as telling them Read More […]

Jul 312015

Tweet If you were anything like me in 2010-11, you were probably single, eating a lot of chips, and spending more time in Wal-Mart than your average slack-jawed yokel. Ah, what a time to be alive. I kind of miss those days, except for the not single part. You were also probably predicting a sharp increase in interest rates would be coming, and soon too. The U.S. economy was well on the road to recovery, yet the bankers at the Federal Reserve were pumping money into the system at an unprecedented Read More […]

Jul 292015

Tweet Ladies, I’m going to talk about baseball for a couple of paragraphs. HEY. I SAW THAT LOOK. Don’t worry, it’ll be over soon. Yesterday, the Toronto Blue Jays made headlines by agreeing to acquire Troy Tulowitzki from the Colorado Rockies. Tulowitzki and reliever LaTroy Hawkins were sent to Toronto for three pitching prospects, including one that was the 9th overall pick in the 2014 draft. Jose Reyes was also shipped to Colorado in the deal. What made the Tulowitzki trade interesting is it was pretty much the opposite of Read More […]

Jul 272015

Tweet But wait, Nelson. You’re a value investor. Hell, you even have a whole blog dedicated to value investing. The whole point of value investing is exploiting an inefficient market.  How can you say with a straight face that the the whole notion of market inefficiency is just a myth? Have you pulled an Andrew Hallam and decided to go to the world of indexing once and for all? Oh please, just tell us and stop with this introduction that’s going on way too long!!!! Geez, relax straw man. Have you tried Read More […]

Jul 242015

Tweet In Canada, in 2015, being a landlord sucks. I realize this probably sounds a little odd from someone who actually owns houses and rents them out, but hear me out. I’ll explain. OH GOD WHY WON’T YOU LET ME EXPLAIN? No returns Back in the day when I was buying real estate, the returns were succulent. Just how good? I was able to get 15-20% annually before expenses, or between 10-15% after I paid for everything — the taxes, insurance, repairs, additions to the sex dungeon in the basement, Read More […]

Jul 222015

Tweet In the world of portfolio management, it’s commonly recommended that an investor needs to own bonds. The usual formula is pretty simple, chances are you’ve seen it before. You take an investor’s age minus 100 or 110, and dedicate that percentage of portfolio to bonds. So a 60-year old would be approximately half bonds and half equities, while a 30-year old would be between 20-30% bonds. But there are a lot of investors who don’t heed this advice, for a number of reasons. They might be an uppity millennial, Read More […]

Jul 202015

Tweet Throughout my life, I’ve basically refused to learn to cook. Like any entitled millennial, I dealt with it by eating out a lot. When I was a chip guy, I went to Subway so often that I’d make eye contact as I was coming in, head to the bathroom, and come out 60 seconds later to a completed sub. Between that, grilling stuff on the barbeque, making pasta, and befriending people who liked to cook, I managed to eat pretty well throughout my 20s. Yeah, it cost me a Read More […]

Jul 192015

Tweet Something interesting happened on Monday, if you’re a follower of the Canadian real estate market. Home Capital Group — which is Canada’s largest subprime lender — pre-released second quarter results that were terrible. Mortgage originations were down considerably year over year, partially because of a slower market and partially because the company booted a bunch of its mortgage broker partners. There’s two ways you can look at this. This just might be a bad quarter, and things will return to normal next time the company reports results. Or, this could Read More […]

Jul 152015

Tweet This is an overhead shot of Delia, Alberta, which is about a half an hour away from the Financial Uproar’s world headquarters in Drumheller. It’s about as happening as it looks. When I was a chip guy, I used to deliver to the only grocery store in Delia. It was an old converted house, with approximately 1,000 square feet of retail space, and two of the nicest owners you could ever find. When I’d show up every Thursday morning, there would be a half dozen farmers milling about, talking Read More […]