Weekly Linkfest #41

Weekly Linkfest #41

This week’s linkfest features articles on Transcontinental, IGM Financial, and Molson Coors, as well as a unique side hustle and incredibly cheap grocery budgets.

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Weekly Linkfest #39

This week’s linkfest features caring robo advisors, advice on buying small businesses, an interesting stock trading at a 40% discount, and tax avoidance strategies for the super rich.

Insider Buying: Does It Really Matter?

Many value investors swear insider buying is the ultimate bullish signal. But you might want to think twice before crowding into a stock all the “smart money” is buying.

Stocks I Bought: January Edition

I got bizzay in January, adding a half dozen different stocks to the ol’ portfolio along with one sale. I know you’re dying to find out which ones they were.

Help Me Build a Portfolio From Scratch

I’ve been tasked with assembling a portfolio from scratch, filled with fine companies that pay generous dividends. Come judge my choices and offer your own input.

Want to FIRE? Do it in Canada

It’s approximately a billion times better to retire early in Canada versus the United States. Come join us, early retirees. It’ll be fun and only a little cold.

Nelson’s Investment Strategy Statement

It’s the why behind the how. My investment strategy statement touches on why I insist on high quality stocks and why I’m taking an “it depends” approach on local investments.

Weekly Linkfest #38

This week’s linkfest is a good one. It covers solar panel investing, crazy old Charlie Munger, some thoughts on retail arbitrage, and how to become a good real estate investor.

What Happened To All The Stock Splits?

There used to be many stock splits. Now the practice has pretty much gone away. I examine why and have a small request to make things a little more like the old days.

Should I Switch Brokerages?

I’m thinking about switching stock brokerages from Qtrade to Questrade, but I can’t shake the feeling that it might all just be a giant waste of time.

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