Even though we’re all big boys and girls, this page needs to exist. Let’s get this over with.

During the course of doing business, the site will collect some of your personal information — like when you comment, or sign up for the newsletter. We’re not going to do anything bad with it, sell it, or anything like that, but it will exist. I reserve the right to post anything you email me in a post, although it’s very unlikely that’ll happen and I’ll usually ask permission first. Most of the time this will consist of answering reader questions in a blog post.

The site uses cookies to store information, like remembering your details each time you comment. We also record certain website stats, like how often you visit and what pages you click on. This information may be used internally, but that’s it. We do require an email address when you comment, but if you’re uncomfortable with giving one you can just use a fake one, like a few regular commenters normally do. You can also disable cookies on your browser if you don’t like them.

This website gets compensated in the following ways:

  • Sponsored content
  • Links on old content
  • Ads inserted in the sidebar and in posts
  • Commission from affiliate partners if you click on certain links and buy something

Basically, assume that every product I recommend, endorse, or even mention is giving me some sort of compensation. Most of the time they won’t be, but there’s certainly a conflict of interest potential that needs to be disclosed. You need to ensure a product or service recommended on the site is right for you. Don’t just go blindly buy things or services that I recommend.

Financial Uproar is an investing blog. Often I’ll post write-ups about investments that I may buy, am going to buy, or hate. This shouldn’t be a substitute for doing your own research. Do not go and buy stocks or anything else because I have. And, make sure you talk to the relevant professionals first.

Also, I pledge to disclose to the reader when I have a position in a stock, but reserve the right to not talk about how big that position is. If I don’t mention having a position in a company, it’s safe to assume I don’t own any of it.

Currently, comments on Financial Uproar are set to get automatically approved, unless the automated system thinks you’re spam. For the most part, anything goes in the comment section. Feel free to insult the owner of this blog all you want, but keep things civil when talking to other readers or staff writers. I will remove you from the comment section for any reason I see fit, although I don’t think it’s happened once in 4.5 years.

If you have any questions about the privacy policy or disclosure, you can contact me at financialuproar [at] gmail [dot] com, or by scrolling up and using the contact form. Thanks for reading.