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Jun 102014

Tweet   Hey look guys, it’s a post on investing in coal, a sector so beaten up that victims of the mob pity it. I’ll never be a mob guy, but I think I’ll start telling people that I’m in waste disposal. That’ll make me a badass. Specifically, one of my readers asked me about Walter Energy (NYSE: WLT), one of the largest coal producers in the U.S. It currently trades at a hair under $5, which is the lowest it’s been since the mid 1990s. I’m intrigued, so I Read More […]

Feb 252013

Tweet Because I spend hours and hours scouring the internet instead of doing anything productive, I’ve discovered a Canadian way to invest in payday loans. And no, I’m not talking about lending your buddy $50 for smokes and booze until next week. Besides, he’s not going to pay you back. You suck. I know, I know. We all think payday loans are bad, and dumb, and worse than a Suze Orman endorsed prepaid credit card. And obviously, I’m not encouraging anybody reading this to go out and borrow money from Read More […]